Winter Isn’t The Only Time To Wear Fur

Even though winter is gone it doesn’t mean fur season is completely over. Yes, a nice cozy full fur jacket will keep you toasty warm in the winter, but you can wear fur fashions all year round if you want to, you just have to look for the right piece to add to your wardrobe. Plus, spring and fall both come with a chilly night or two.

If you love fur, real or faux, don’t be afraid to wear it when you want to. A nice fur jacket or accessories can add class and fun to any outfit, even jeans and a tshirt. If you’re ready to add some fur to your closet that can make you look fashionable all year, read on.

Wear a Vest

Fur vests are great for when the weather isn’t too cold and isn’t too hot. Since vests are sleeveless they work great when it’s not cold enough for a jacket. They also add a little extra class to any wardrobe or any look.

You can find fur vests in many styles and color, and many different types of fur. You can get full length vests, waist length ones, and even cropped fur vests. Each of them work well with different styles and looks.

Try the Cropped Look

A nice cropped fur jacket is too little coverage for the winter, but they are great for spring and autumn. You may even be able to find yourself a nice short sleeved fur coat or jacket that screams warm weather and fun.

Nothing screams “in style” more than a cute fur jacket worn in place of a jean jacket or hoodie. You can look like you’re going out in style even when you’re just heading to the grocery.

Adopt Fur Accessories

Fur purses, shawls and scarves make perfect accessories that add much wanted fur to your wardrobe. You can choose natural looking furs or even dyed furs that can add a splash of fun color to your wardrobe.

If a scarf is too much, look for a fur color that you can wear off shoulder. This look is perfect for a night out on the town.

Go For Minimal

Find a spring jacket that has a fur collar, fur belt or some other fur attachment. You get the feel of luxury from wearing some gorgeous fur, without the overabundant warmth that come with a full fur jacket or coat.

Even a cute coat with fur cuffs will give you just the right amount of fur to add enough class to make you look in style.

Whether you love real fur, or prefer to fake it, there are plenty of options out there that will allow you to get your fur fix and show it off whenever the sun shines!

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