B.Tech Lateral Entry: Opens Several Doors For Individuals

Among the different technical educational courses available, B.Tech Lateral Entry is preferred by most of the students. The students, who aspire to serve as an engineering professional can register for the B.Tech Lateral Entry. These type of educational program allows the students to get admission directly in the 2nd year of B.Tech in several colleges and institutes. You would be eligible to apply for the B.Tech LE after the completion of the diploma. Multiple specializations are there in engineering for which the lateral entry can be considered. These are marine, mining, Petroleum, and software engineering institutes. If you are interested in mechanical engineering, it is ideal for you to enroll in mechanical engineering lateral entry polytechnic college in Dehradun.

The B.Tech lateral entry course varies from the regular B.Tech degree whether it is about the preparation or the entrance process. In this post, you would be able to know about details associated with B.Tech LE educational program.

What are the criteria required to be eligible for B.Tech lateral entry?

In case, you are interested to apply for the B.Tech lateral entry, you are required to spend at least 3 years in completing your diploma in engineering. Multiple engineering colleges in India require you to secure minimum 60% aggregate in the entire diploma course. Doing a diploma in engineering can open multiple doors for you. Depending on your preference, you can either apply for the three-year diploma course after 10+2 or directly enroll for the diploma degree after passing out the board exam. Holding a Polytechnic Engineering degree, you have the right to get entrance in different industrial training institutes.
As there are options to go for the diploma degree after 10th and 12th, you should take your decision carefully when you should go for it. Some top colleges in India are facilitating students with lateral entry, so you can register for the same.

What is the process of entrance in B.Tech lateral entry?

Getting admission in B.Tech lateral entry educational program in different institutes and universities depends on the basis of score obtained by you in the entrance exam. Every single institute follows a different format for the entrance exams. Some of the regional government and private colleges provide admission based on the state entrance exams.
Certain institutes are there that conduct their own exam for the B.Tech lateral entry course offered by them. It would be ideal if you will not waste your time and register for top colleges in Dehradun.


Doing a diploma in engineering has a lot of scopes. As the software industry is growing continuously, you can get the chance to work on multiple technologies. You can have multiple job options in both govt. and private sectors. Depending on your experience, you can ask for a better salary.

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The Rajiv Dutt is a career consultant having a deep understanding of educational standards. Through his post, he wanted to share his ideas with the students looking for the right advice whether they should go for the lateral entry or not.

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