5 Tools Every Mobile Business Should Have for Optimal Function

Running a mobile business can be rewarding, but it can also be much harder than staying in one location. This is usually do to a number of factors, such as difficulty in accepting credit cards and keeping up with paperwork. The good news is there are a number of tools to help you run your mobile business more efficiently. Whether you want to accept credit cards while on the road or need a better way to keep track of appointments, these tools can help you.

HooteSuite App

If you operate a food truck, you may not choose the same location each day, but you’ll want your fans to find you. HooteSuite allows you to easily configure Tweets and posts to Facebook that will let customers know where you’ll be each day. This ensures your loyal fans find you, but also allows you to grow your business with new customers.

Sales Tracker App

Tracking sales for a mobile business is important. Not only can you get an idea of which items sell best in which locations, but you can track how much money you’ve made, which items you need to buy more of, and which items are a complete flop. The Sales Tracker app for Android allows you to do all that and more for free.

Google Calendar App

If you’re running a mobile business that visits several clients per day, you need Google Calendar to keep up with your appointments. The best thing about Google Calendar is that it will alert you of upcoming appointments. You can also easily keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly appointments all for free.

Mobile Swipe App

There are a number of companies that offer mobile swipe apps for businesses and you can read about Moblized and others online. The idea is that a piece of hardware attaches to your smartphone so that you can swipe the credit or debit card. The app then allows the customer to sign for their purchase. This is a must have for any mobile business. With more and more people relying on debit cards, you can’t afford not to use a mobile swipe app.

Expensify App

Last, but not least, keeping up with expenses is essential for paying the least amount of money on your taxes. Expensify allows you to track a number of expenses and then create reports to make filing your taxes much easier.

Running a mobile business is much easier thanks to today’s technology. Whether you’re running a food truck or selling items door to door, these tools can make your business more productive and successful.

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