Some Must Do Things Before You Graduate

So, the final semester examinations are just round the corner, and before you know it, you will have become a graduate! But there are a bunch of things that you are yet to do, a horde of places left to visit, and a dozen fun-filled activities that you have not experienced yet. The list is endless and if you do not manage to do these while you are still there, chances are that you will leave college with a bag full of regrets. Leaving your university for good is a hard thing to deal with, both physically and emotionally. The entire process of relocating, packing and organizing the move, and leaving behind your friends and teachers can be quite exhausting. Here are some things that you should remember to take care before you say the final goodbye:

  • Clearing Dues: Although it sounds quite boring, you need to remind yourself to cancel the electricity and broadband connections before you leave your apartment. You should pay the dues at the library because your university may not let you leave till you have actually paid off your fines.
  • Collect Housing Deposit: You should also remember to collect your housing deposit before you leave. You need to remind yourself to clear out the cupboards, kitchen cabinets, the bins and keep the furniture in their original place. A full house inspection of your student accomodation is a must before you leave.
  • Take a Campus Tour: You do not know when you will get a chance to revisit the campus; so, it may be a good idea to walk through it. You could check out all those places and buildings you have not visited as yet.
  • Go on Dates: Before you leave it may be a nice idea to get to meet someone who you have always longed to meet. You could have been nursing a silent crush for this person; now is the time to get him on a date. You may end up liking the person and decide to keep in touch after you both graduate.
  • Party with Classmates: You deserve to enjoy the last few days with your classmates because once you graduate, you may be living in different corners of the world. So, arranging for a big party may be a great way to get all the friends together under the same roof. You could even plan a sleepover with your best friends to relive some of the best days of college.
  • Spend Stress Free Weeks: The last weeks of your college tend to be stressful if you let the stress of examinations get to you. But, you could actually decide to enjoy the last few weeks without worrying about results. You must remember that even those with poor grades end up with the same degree. Instead you could gather everyone to take part in fun school activities like fountain runs and block parties.
  • Try Out New Things: If you have never done something really adventurous or preposterous during your college days, now is the time to make these memories. There may be many things on your bucket list like watching the school play or going to a soccer game which you have not had time for earlier. You could even try to take part in a student protest movement to get a feel of it.
  • Sell Old Stuff: Before you graduate, there are a lot of things that you will need to dispose off to clear your room. You could shift your course books and sell these online or in your campus. You could try to sell of other things that you may not need on sites like eBay.
  • Take a City Tour: There may be some interesting places which you may not have visited during your stay in the city. You could try to cover some of them before leaving. For instance, you can visit many museums and events for free. You could consult the student city guide to get an idea of places worth visiting.
  • Take a Break: It may be a great idea to take a short break with your friends before college gets over. You may have saved some money from the student load or after cancelling the subscriptions. Using this fund, you could go away for a few days at some budget location with your campus buddies. You could convince your friends to attend a music festival that you may have always wanted to go to.
  • Attend the Prom: If you have not been to one already, you should not miss this at college. These events are always memorable and full of fun. They may not live up to the hype but they are an integral part of your college life. A graduation party is a must-do before you actually leave the campus. You could try to organize one with your close friends from school. The best part about them is you may even end up getting a lot of presents.
  • Thank Others: Finally, it is important to acknowledge the help you have got from your teacher, friends and family members. You may have had a favorite professor from college; now, is the time to tell him how grateful you are for his guidance. Even if you cannot tell them directly, you can always write a thank-you note for them.

These are only a handful of the things you can think of doing before you leave college. There are many others which may be equally important and memorable for you. So, without waiting any further, go ahead and enjoy your last few days in campus.Do not be afriad to make mistakes in college as it is one of the few places where you can get away with mistakes.

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