Coping Up With Heartburn During The Period Of Pregnancy

A majority of women are known to experience symptoms of heartburn during pregnancy. This tends to become worse in the second or third trimesters of pregnancy. Heartburn medication pregnancy could solve the problem to a large extent but it has to be considered to be an uncomfortable feeling on all counts.  This also goes by the name of acid indigestion whereby a burning sensation in the esophagus is caused by the contents of the stomach.

The main reasons for heartburn occurring during pregnancy are due to change in the hormone levels. This does go on to impact the muscles of the digestive tract and in the manner by which different food levels are being tolerated. The enlarged uterus could go on to cramp the abdomen where the stomach acids are pushed upward. Though it is on the rarer side gallstones are also known to cause heartburn during the period of pregnancy.

How heartburn can be prevented during the period of pregnancy

The key is to reduce heartburn during pregnancy and these need to be done without harming your baby in any manner

  • Instead of 3 large meals concentrate on small meals
  • Consume your food in a small manner
  • Do make it a point that you go on to avoid spicy foods that is the prime reason for heartburn
  • When you are eating drink less. This is going to increase the influx of acid whereby the chances of heartburn increases
  • After eating do not lie down straight away
  • The head should be at a level higher than that of your feet. The pillows need to be kept on your shoulders so that the stomach acids do not go on to rise on to your chest
  • You can discuss with your doctor about over the counter medicines that are generally considered safe to be used during the period of pregnancy. There are liquid heart burners that go on to improve heart condition while pregnant as well.
  • Ensure that you wear tight-fitting clothes. If you are into tight-fitting cloth it does put pressure on the abdomen along with the stomach
  • Constipation needs to be avoided at all costs
  • Stop smoking and drinking once you are pregnant.

If the problem still exists it is suggested that you consult your doctor. They are likely to prescribe medicines that reduce the symptoms associated with heartburn. More often than not the problem does fade on its own after pregnancy. In some cases, doctors are going to ask you to make necessary changes to your lifestyle as well. This does erase the symptoms of heartburn to a large extent

The symptoms of heartburn can emerge at any point in time, but it does become worse when you are pregnant. The main reason for why such a situation arises is that the pregnancy hormones do cause the digestive tract to slow down. The muscles that are known to push the food down are going to function in a slow manner.

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