All About Nitric Oxide!

Nitric oxide is a stable gas and is made up of one nitrogen atom and one oxygen atom. It can either be produced by bacteria or released by combustion of nitrogen. In our bodies nitric oxide is naturally produced by various types of cells. Nitric oxide is produced when an enzyme Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) converts L-arginine to L-citruline.

Nitric oxide affects four main functions in the body: vascular tone, coagulation, inflammation ad oxidation.

Vascular Tone: It is the ability of arteries and blood vessels to contract and expand with each beat of heart. High blood pressure is caused by blockage of arteries this also prevents production of nitric oxide in body. Thus supplements of nitric oxide should be taken to promote vascular tone and flexibility.

Coagulation: Clotting or coagulation is an important function of body. Clotting helps to prevent bleeding when one gets hurts or cuts. However the negative side of this function is seen when damaged blood vessels accumulate at the stop of injury in blood vessel and thus causes blockage. This can lead to heart attack or a heart stroke. Thus such people should take supplements of nitric oxide for promoting free flow of blood through vessels and arteries to keep them clean. It helps in breaking plaque and preventing formation of blood clots.

Inflammation: Inflammation is a process in our body that helps in fighting infections. However, over a period of time inflammation can cause atherosclerosis as it is chronic and also involves arteries. Therefore, having sufficient levels of nitric oxide in body is important to prevent arteriosclerosis. If the inner layer of blood vessels is damaged, it can cause other cells to embed themselves in the smooth muscle layer and create plaque that can eventually restrict flow of blood and create a jam in arteries of brain and can cause heart attack or heart stroke. Thus nitric oxide therapy can prevent building of unnecessary plaque and thus prevent from cardiovascular diseases and attacks.

Oxidation: Oxygen is essential for life. However, in the process of oxidation, body creates several beneficial as well as harmful products. While the process of oxidation is essential to produce energy by burning glucose, it also produces by products called as free radicals. These free radicals neutralize nitric oxide that contribute to aging and also cause cardiovascular diseases.

Using supplements of nitric oxide can help control this. Using antioxidants also helps in destroying the free radicals and thus does not allow neutralization of nitric acid.

How Nitric Oxide Helps in Body Building?

Muscles require nutrients for proper growth. The muscle size increases when there are adequate nutrients to stimulate the muscle growth. Hence providing more nutrients can help in gaining more muscle mass? Nitric oxide is important for body building and helps you gain the toned and ripped physique that every body builder dreams. If you have deficiency of nitric oxide, you may feel tired and weak; therefore you should take supplements to help you increase your energy. Check out the nitric oxide reviews today!

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