Know About The Priceless Treasure Called Samurai Sword Weapon

Samurai history has mainly four parts –

  • Koto
  • Shinto
  • Gendai
  • shinsaku

The most earliest and fascinating weapons came around 1300 years back. The first sword varied in straight type or double edge type. Modern katan evolved in 700 AD. It was the first unique Japanese sword. The initial sword was curved only at the tang, but then in the 10th century, full curved swords became common. At this time, Japan started ties with China and class divisions were made. Then gentlemen from these provinces and military guards became the first samurai.

The exact period of samurai cannot be told, but the samurai sword history started with a smith named amakuni. He brought a turning point in the history.

Legend of Amakuni

Amakuni and amakura were head smiths appointed by the emperor. In a battle, their swords broke badly. This made them feel ashamed and they inspected and dreamt of making the best and perfect sword. They also prayed for inspiration. They dreamt of single edge slight curving blade sword and created that perfect sword. These swords were all in a single piece even after warriors came from the battle.

The golden age of samurai was with kamakura and muromachi. There was need for strong national defense after invasion of Japan. Hence, new smithies emerge all over the country. At the last, samurai history salutes the legendary masamune.

Masamune’s swords were most beautiful, artistic and best swords ever crafted. They were priceless treasures. They are contrast to the sword created by later smiths. His swords were brutish, violent, evil, pure, benevolent and spiritual.

Dim Age of Samurai

During muromachi period and 100-year war, samurai had thirst for weapons since their skills were lost. Sword smiths became gunsmiths and deteriorated. Once the war was over, shogun hideyoshi brought unity in the country and samurai took a turn for good. Then was raised the Japanese quality sword again, but not like the golden era of samurai.  This followed 400 peaceful years where guns were rejected and swords elevated.

Edo Period Samurai

In 1876 was a dark time for samurai. It was all modernization and only a few sword smiths left. However, recently there are some people, who wish to buy samurai sword katana and hence taking samurai history to the next level.

History of Samurai Sword

Bushido is the most significant aspect to begin with the samurai history. Bushi means warrior and do means the way. In all, bushido means the samurai way of being. Bushido always followed ethics like loyalty, honor and bravery. A samurai lived every moment without fear and freedom. They start off from regional group warriors. Then developed a unique culture known for honor and expertise during kamakura period.

At the time of muromachi period came the artist warrior idea. For refinement and balance, samurai training started flower arrangement and tea ceremony. They were considered the most aristocratic in Japan. In 12th century, they could wear swords freely and could kill peasants who offended them.

Edo period then lead to the downfall of samurai period. Then they had to accept all jobs for survival. During this time, citizens enjoyed the luxury with peace. In this way, samurai gradually declined and feudalism came up and the samurai era came to an end.

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