Registering Your Trademark: A Few Benefits To Know

Registering Your Trademark: A Few Benefits To Know

A trademark is a symbol, device, word or name that is used in trade in order to indicate the source of a good or a product and also to distinguish it from other goods and products. It can set your company apart from the competition. In simple words, trademarks are used in your identification and also to help your business stand apart from the ongoing competition in the industry.

A “mark” or “trademark” refers to both trademarks and service marks.In case any other organization uses a similar or the same design for its goods and products, then it can dilute your brand easily and create a big confusion among the consumers about your brand. This is the only reason why protecting your trademark is so vital. A company likely has specific logos and designs that are unique to its products and business.

However, there are countless benefits to register your trademark. Here is a list of a few reasons for doing so.


Registering your trademark can deter others from using trademarks that are quite identical or similar to yours especially for services and products like yours by registering the trademark, you can out other companies on notice of your rights. Also, a registered trademark lawyer can be found easily when others search the official registration on notice because they choose to commence using a specific name.


In case you have infringed on someone else’s mark or name, you may be ordered to rename the company immediately, you have to give up all the profits that are earned by the use of the unregistered trademark. You have to pay for other damages, that include fines, penal damages, and patent, trademark lawyer’s fees.


A registered trademark or mark can be licensed. A license can be recorded on the trademark register, thereby giving all the rights of license to the Institute of legal proceedings in the infringement event.


In case you do not register your trademark and find out later that another business already has the similar or identical name, all you have to do is to redo all your company’s stationery, cards, signs, and advertising. And in case you already have the domain name registered, you will also have to change it.


Another crucial reason for registering your trademark is to create a mark as an identifiable intangible property. Registering a trademark value store attaching to the goodwill or reputation that the good or product enjoys. Your trademark tells all the customers who are you and where they have to visit if they are interested in your product.


The main benefit of trademark registration is to have peace of mind. You can hire a good trademark lawyer, as the cost of not acquiring legal representation can be quite expensive in case things go wrong. So, find a good patent and trademark lawyer near you and get started.

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