Useful Apps For Alzheimer’s Patients

Useful Apps For Alzheimer’s Patients

Dementia is a challenging thing to live with, whether you are the one with dementia or you are caring for a close family member. Having dementia can be scary, confusing, and very stressful. Individuals often get agitated because they know they are lost or forgetting things, but they cannot get their minds to focus on what they want to remember.

Dementia can also be very scary for caregivers. Making sure your loved one is safe, taking their medications when necessary and taking the right medications is a nonstop job. Even with home health aids, caring for someone with dementia can be emotionally and mentally draining. However, several apps have been created to help people with dementia and their families.

Here are five apps to download today.

Dementia Clock

Dementia Clock is an app that helps dementia patients keep track of the time of day. It shows the time, but also says whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening. Telling someone with dementia that it is 10 o’clock can be confusing, and the individual may be too embarrassed to admit they still don’t know the time of day. A clock that says it is morning, evening, or night will provide the person with dementia a more precise idea.


The Medisafe app provides reminders of when medications need to be taken. As a caregiver, you can make sure the app is set up with the correct notifications. The app will tell the individual when it is time to take medication and which one they need to take. This app can be helpful for caregivers, as well. If your loved one is on multiple medications, it can be confusing for everyone. This app can be programmed to monitor numerous medications, as well as when they need reordering.

Family Locator GPS

This app will allow you to locate where your family members are quick. The app is ideal for when you go in public or somewhere crowded in case you get separated. For someone with dementia, losing the people you are with can be terrifying. Being able to find them or alert them to where you are quickly can diminish that fear and help to keep you safe.


Colorfy is a coloring app that you can do with simple finger touches on a mobile device. Coloring is a calming stress reducer for many adults. When your loved one is getting agitated or tired, you can offer them the Colorfy app to distract them and calm them down quickly.

Soothing Sleep Sounds

Nighttime is often the hardest for people with dementia. They go through a process referred to as sundowning. As the evening progresses, the impact of dementia will intensify. Your loved one may get more agitated, fearful, or energetic. Individuals with dementia often experience sleeping trouble. Soothing sleep sounds app will play nonstop soothing sounds to help your loved one relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep.

The effectiveness of these apps will depend on your loved one and the progression of their dementia. However, there are plenty of other apps and resources you can look into to address the specific problem you are facing. It is crucial to get Alzheimer’s facts and to understand what your loved one is going through. The Alzheimer’s Association has a wide range of great resources and support group meetings. If you cannot find a support group meeting in your area, you can also find online support.

Being the caregiver for someone with dementia is no easy task. It is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Finding people who understand that you can go to when you need to talk is crucial to your self-care.

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