Avoid These Tactics for A Better Golf Iron Swing

Whether you are a fresh face to the game of golf, or you have simply wanted to improve your golf swing, there are a few actions you want to avoid that will help you improve overall. These simple tips will help you to get a better position and make the right contact with the ball with the proper force and downswing. With some practice, you too can have a swing that will help you feel more productive during a golf game.

Wrist Position

Wrist positioning can greatly influence the outcome of the golf iron swing and determines how the face of the iron makes contact with the ball. The objective of proper wrist positioning involves preventing your wrist from angling backwards too far. Keep your wrist in a solid strait positioning in line with the forearm. This will help the downswing and then make more solid contact with the ball.


When swinging or putting, it is important to prevent your body from leaning too far into the shot and putting more weight on the opposing leg. Rather than shifting the body weight away, one should strive to lean into the shot in a controlled fashion. Also, try to keep the body in line with the club as you line up for a put or swing. Controlling the weight on your foot and the positioning of the body frame will help the face of the club make proper contact with the ball.

Excessive Force

When making a shot, it is important to learn how much force is enough. Don’t put as much force as you can into the shot. Some shots require control and much less energy transfer upon contact. This can be especially true when putting. Using an approach that compensates for angle, wind, and positioning in conjunction with a controlled swing, or put, will help prevent mistakes. Practicing in between games and learning how much force works best for a variety of situations is the best way to avoid using excessive force during a game. There are plenty of options for practicing at home and even a few for traveling.

Learning how to execute the perfect golf iron swing or put takes practice and insight. Consider these issues that tend to be some of the most common new players face when trying to improve their game. Over time, using some basic tips and tricks from knowledgeable sources can help you drastically improve.



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