Weather Weapons!!!

American Special Forces have started to take control over the world and also has expressed interest in the weather. Advance Academy of Sciences of the United States has been offered a similar study on behalf of the CIA organization. It has created a fear that this time will be in the hands of America Meteorological offensive weapon. Scientists at the top of the weather situation in the two-year study will look at the effects.   People follow walking dead live stream every sunday night live on newzphobia.

Scientists at the top of the weather situation in the two-year study will look at the effects. So this research looks very safe. But funds for the organization’s funding from the CIA provided a reason, to think that, in reality, the United States wants to make the weather weapons. This idea is based on how much, it is very hard to understand, but that the country’s military forces, the weather had long been dreaming of arms, it is practical to know. Please comment on the situation, the Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Sharavin said:

“All the leading nations of the world long before the weather began to show interest in taking up arms, it was almost fifty years. None of this has gone a long way, there is no one left behind. We already know that the impact of weather events. The problem is not about that, what would be the effect on the weather; the problem is that what its consequences might be. This case is the most complex – referred to earlier, what will be the result. Complete success in a meaningful way, so that the name, which in this case is now, to arms, in my opinion, it cannot continue. Therefore, the sum of money, which is now the case for the study of American government spending, the amount is very low. Here’s just a few thousand dollars. It is, of course, simply means absurd, which might be feasible to build a new weapon. “

But there is already known about the incident, the United States had a profound effect on the weather for their military success. This happened during the war in Vietnam. And the America established a mission, Popeye (spinach), the name of the operation: the rain clouds with silver iodide had spread from the air, resulting in increased rainfall had increased threefold during the continuous rain .It did so again, the road Walkway, which is Vietnam’s guerrilla army with weapons and provisions were, had the most helps as the embankment. Keep following this interesting stream of walking dead live here.

Well! Some of the weather specialist had doubted that, this technique of America can reach a great impact to the whole environment. It is true that, had the sensation that, in order to fight this kind of method is very expensive, and its fruits are very low for the time being. Despite that, the American people against their enemies, “the weather, sabotage and technical work” could, it is believed there since there was very fatal natural disaster happened in the last few years, like earthquake, floods, etc.

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