A Few Home Improvements That Will Recover Value

The below home improvements are among the best choices for people looking at getting maximum returns on their home improvement choices. Even though this list isn’t exhaustive, these are some of the most popular improvements and also the most entertaining once the work is done.

A Few Home Improvements That Will Recover Value

Modernized kitchen

Getting a state of the art kitchen is a coveted renovation which almost always earns back most of your investment. Even if you didn’t change absolutely everything in the kitchen, there are a few upgrades which potential buyers are passionate about like granite counter tops, premium appliances, hardwood floors, under-mount sinks and islands.

New or renewed floors

Hardwood floors are quite popular among buyers and if your home comes with a hardwood floor in good shape, you will be able to demand more for sure. Even if they are worn out, get them sanded, stained and then resealed. You’ll be amazed at just how stunning they will look once again and you will not even have to spend a part of the cost of getting a new floor. Wood floors that are in pristine condition can add a wow factor which can help seal the deal for many home buyers.

Additional space

For every additional thousand square feet of living space in a home, the price can go up by more than thirty percent. Whether it’s an entertainment space or a spacious attic, the return on investment here is very impressive.

Curb appeal

If people aren’t impressed by your home while driving by, chances are, they won’t even consider giving the insides of your home a chance. Curb appeal is basically the first impression that your home will make on a prospective buyer. Making it eye catching will help convey a message that your home is welcoming. You could add some beautiful flower beds, trees or potted plants to your home. This can certainly help transform your home into something fabulous. Group your plants by height in order to add layers to the groupings and to create a visual appeal. The grassy areas need to be thick and lush. Investing in a decent edger to keep your lawn well-manicured will certainly impress prospective buyers.


Installing higher end windows will help improve energy efficiency. The replacement cost here will be decided by how many windows you plan on replacing and the type of course. This is a home improvement that buyers place a heavy premium on.


So you see, some improvements certainly are worth the investment if you’re looking to attract more buyers or to sell your home quickly. But you should never over improve as compared to the rest of your neighborhood since this additional expense is most probably not going to be realized during sale. Don’t out price your home as compared to other homes in the area.

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