6 False Assumptions You Might Have That Could Affect Your Chances Of Getting Your Lawsuit Settlement

6 False Assumptions You Might Have That Could Affect Your Chances Of Getting Your Lawsuit Settlement

Injuries can disrupt your life if they result in disability. If you suffer an injury due to negligence of a third party or of your employer, you are entitled to receive a settlement.

Going about a lawsuit settlement process with the wrong information could result in loss of your case. Below are some assumptions you might have that could result in the loss of an injury lawsuit:

  1. I don’t need a Lawyer to Settle My Case

If you don’t hire a lawyer to represent your interests in an injury case, you will not get the best deal you are entitled to. Even in cases of car accidents, you could be entitled to more than having medical bills settled or getting money to replace the damaged car.

  • You could get further settlement for suffering. Your lawyer will effectively make arguments and win you a settlement for the suffering incurred as a result of the accident.
  • If, for instance, you collide with a vehicle owned by a company, your lawyer will help you file and win a lawsuit against such a company.
  • The insurance company will act in its best interests. The insurance company will conduct its own investigations with the hope that they can find a reason not to pay you. A lawyer will protect you in such situations.

Before you decide you don’t need a lawyer, consider having a discussion with at least three lawyers and get their opinion.

  1. I don’t have Money so I can’t File a Lawsuit

You can easily cover the cost of your settlement case by getting funding.

There are many debt settlement companies that have a good record of funding settlement cases. Apply to one of them and get money to fund your lawsuit.

  1. I need to go to Court to get a Settlement

If the defendant’s side is keen on settling, you might not see the inside of a court. The defendant’s side will try to settle out of court, especially if they are concerned about negative publicity.

It also takes a shorter time to settle a case out of court. If you are satisfied with what your lawyer has negotiated, take it and save yourself the time you need to appear in court.

  1. I can’t Consult other Lawyers about My Case

It’s good to take the advice of your lawyer. However, if anything doesn’t sound right, get the opinion of a different lawyer.

If you hire the right lawyer though, you will not need to consult other lawyers.

  1. The Period for Filing a Lawsuit is One Year

The time frame within which you can file a lawsuit differs from one state to another and also depends on the nature of the case.

The period could extend to one year or more. However, in some states, cases involving car accidents have to be filed within 30 days.

  1. I will not Receive a Settlement if I am to Fault for the Accident

If both you and the defendant are at fault, the degree of blame is established. This is called comparative negligence and you can still file an injury lawsuit.

Now that you know more about injury lawsuits, you can file a lawsuit and get your settlement.

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