Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Music: It gives you happiness, takes you to the older times, make you nostalgic, makes you fall in love, makes you feel angry, anxious, jealous and most of the times Energetic! In today’s digital era, earphones and headphones add more feelings to our music. Because it is only you, who is enjoying the music and no one else. Best sound quality, best surround sound, no externals voice disturbance, 3D sound and what not! Headphones have also taken a huge leap in their types and quality compared to back then.

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Let us have a look on top 4 Headphones of the present time and see what they have in them.

Bose QuietComfort 35

Combine the best-in-class, comfortable and one of the best noise-cancelling with creative design and that too a fold-up is the product called: Bose Quiet Comfort 35. With a balanced weight these headphones will suit your head and will please your ears for years! has a classic range of Bose Headphones. FlipKart Cashback Offers will add to your savings also!

This music experience would cost you around 45,500+ INR and would require some heavy pocket to afford it!

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset

Listening to music while working, will increase your endurance by up to 15%. Well, you have JayBird X3 Bluetooth headset that will give you the best combination of sound and a sweat free music experience. It has a hydrophobic nano-coating that resists moisture, whether it is sweat or rain! Also, it sits securely on your ear and also under a helmet!

These pleasing experience will cost you 16,000+ INR.

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Skullcandy Grind

When it comes to earphones, we cannot forget Skullcandy. Skullcandy is all about quality with an affordable rate. At least for those youngsters who want to have a musical experience in their journey but, within their budget.

Plastic ear-cups, Soft cushions, Adjustable metal headband and a remote control as well! Also it makes your phone calling easier and multi functions because of the remote.

FlipKart Cashback Offers will help you to reduce its price by 20-25% and Congratulations! Best musical experience is waiting for you.

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

v-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Over-ear Headphones

These sound tools, when wired, sound incredible! These can be played wired as well as unwired. For those smart phones who have an audio jack, it is the best fit for them but, you will have to compromise with the sound quality when connected with Bluetooth.

Also, they can be played for nonstop 13-14 hours without charging. A steel frame with one of the best durability, these are the best combination of bass and sound! But, they are costlier than they actually should be. The value for money is not worth it. Costing: 29,000+ INR.

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

Etymotic Research Er4p-t Micropro Noise-Isolating

Earphones are the best replacement of the cumbersome headphones and these are with the best ear buds. But, the only disadvantage earphones have is: They let too much outside noise in and so the listener has to play the music at a high and dangerous volume. But Etymotic Research ERP-T Micro Pro gives you all the functionality of ear buds without a loss in sound quality. They have powerful bass and incredibly accurate mids and highs. If you are looking for best sound quality plus portability, then these are the best picks!

But, but, but, these little toy would cost you 40,000+ INR! 

Top 5 Headphones/Earphones

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