Tips for Passing Drug Testing


You might have an upcoming drug test tomorrow or next week and you are panicking right now. This is why you are looking for ways on how to pass your drug tests on such short notice. Know more about cannabis drug tests in this link here. If you are one of the people who smoke weed for recreational purposes, then you can get tips and tricks in this article.

The first thing that you need to find out is whether your company will conduct a blood, hair, urine, or saliva drug test. You can take the word of your co-employee for it. You might want to try some classic ways such as putting salt in your urine but believe us when we say that it does not work that way anymore. Another option is to ask your employee who was also addicted to weed on how they are able to pass their tests. However, there might be a drawback. If you are not close, they can let the management know about you being a user or they might never admit that they use weed on your face.

So your best bet can be frantically searching for websites that can tell you more about drug tests.

Prepare for Your Tests

Delay the Drug Test as Much as Possible

You might want to call in sick on the day of the drug test. But if you happen to have bad luck and be required to take the test on the first day of work, then you might want to delay it by submitting samples that you have tampered with. Some of the drug tests will give you a fair warning in advance so you should really read your emails and listen to your fellow employees when they talk about it during their lunch breaks.

Be on guard on the company policies so you can come to the office prepared and ready to take the drug test. If you get pulled over by the police when they suspect that you are intoxicated with methamphetamines or marijuana, then bad luck for you. You can forget about that promotion and the future blue-collar jobs that you were aiming for since you were 5 years old. However, if you are able to delay the test for a few more days, then do so.

Your Passing Rate Can Depend on the Type of Drug Tests

This depends on whether you will be tested or crank, meth, ecstasy, marijuana, opium, codeine, and more. The list of drugs can go on and on. But if you have the knowledge, you can use the right shampoo on the day of the test to make sure that they do not detect any methamphetamines on the hair strand that you have submitted. You might also want to submit your co-workers’ hair samples as an extra precaution. Just make sure that they look innocent enough that even their pet cats will have a hard time believing that they are smoking pot during their lunch breaks.

If you are getting a urine test, just make sure to provide a urine sample that is clean and free from THC. Note that you don’t need to be a hundred percent THC-free. You can know information on passing piss tests and a urinalysis if you go to the right website. You just have to avoid reaching a certain level that the laboratory will promote as a benchmark for THC to consider it negative. You might also want to provide microwaved urine samples that came from your favorite shopping sites. Just make sure that they are already tested and proven in order to avoid getting into trouble.

When it comes to blood tests, you might be in trouble if you are a regular pot smoker. Blood tests are very accurate and there’s no way that you can add a pinch of salt while the technician is poking your arm with a sharp needle. What you can do is to just simply stop smoking for a few weeks. If it’s more than 7 days since you have smoked, then your test just might come out as negative.

When it comes to saliva tests, simple chewing gum or mouthwash can do the work for you. However, make sure that they are specialized in masking the presence of drugs in your saliva or you might find yourself facing jail time. A cotton swab will be inserted inside your mouth so you won’t also be able to add some sinister chemicals in the sample. You just have to tell the employer or the tester that you have bad breath in order to avoid suspicion. However, this is not recommended as you might develop a reputation in the company before even getting hired.

Other Things that You Can Do

Aside from the normal advice of drinking or even drowning yourself with plenty of water every day, you might also want to change your lifestyle just once in your life. Be healthy. Exercise daily and burn away those fats that make your life harder. You can eat fruits and vegetables that can flush the drugs out of your system. There are diuretics such as coffee, cranberry juice, and a lot more than you can drink in order to pee more often than you wish.

Urinate as much as possible before the test. If you drink diuretics on the hour of the actual test, you can kiss that promotion goodbye. Read more about diuretics on this site: This is because THC and other drug metabolites will have about ninety percent chance of showing up in your urine. If you are not being watched, pee first on the toilet seats then pee the rest on the sample cup. The first pee will contain a lot of metabolites which will lower your chance of passing.


Passing a drug test can be simple if you know what to do and where to seek help. Just make sure to read and research information such as the number of days the drugs will stay in your system, the kinds of tests commonly administered by companies, and how to pass these tests. An expert or a previous drug user who was able to pass his test can give you more information so you should never miss the opportunity in asking them.

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