New Home Improvement Ideas That Can Save You Money On Your Energy Bills

As a home improvement enthusiast, you’re probably always looking for new ways to lower your average monthly costs. When it comes to energy bills, there are plenty of ways to lower costs but not everyone knows the best way to cut down on his or her energy bills. If you’re interested in saving money each month, you should know about some great solutions that can keep your air conditioner usage minimal as well as your heat and electricity usage.

The Problem with Weak Windows

If you’re working on a fixer-upper home, you might not have upgraded your windows yet. Older homes have very weak windows. Weaker windows can be detrimental to energy efficiency in a lot of ways. For example, heat can seep through thin glass as if there was nothing standing between the sun and the inside of your house. During a hot day, the glass on your old windows can get really hot and this heat can radiate from the surface of the glass and into your home.

Now, you might have tried to prevent this heat from getting through your closed windows by installing blinds or shades of some kind. However, heat can still reach your blinds and the blinds will get hot as well. Unfortunately, dealing with weak windows is never ideal. However, there is a better solution.

You should definitely consider installing some replacement UPVC windows. These windows are glazed in order to increase insulation. With thin windows, it’s easy for the heat to get in and the cool air to escape. With glazed windows, you can expect your cold air to stay inside your home during the summer and your warm air to stay inside your home during the winter. Because the glass is much thicker, the temperature outside won’t affect the temperature inside your home.

Outdoor Shading

If you’re interested in getting some glazed windows, you should know that they are affordable, they are worth investing in, and they can last for a very long time. However, there are even more ways to add to your energy-efficient cooling system in order to keep your energy bills as long as possible.

In addition to glazed windows, you might want to try some outdoor shading. Did you know that people are installing outdoor blinds instead of indoor blinds because they are better at keeping their houses cool? When you use indoor blinds, the heat can still get into your house. When the blinds get hot, the heat spreads into your rooms. However, if you put shades or blinds on the outside of your house, you can expect the heat to stop before it reaches your windows.

On very hot days, outdoor shades can still get hot. It’s a very good idea to ensure that your windows can protect your home from the heat. Using outdoor shades in combination with glazed windows is the best method for keeping your house cool without using your air conditioner.

While you might be interested in going DIY with some of these solutions, installing windows and large shades can be challenging. If you need help picking out windows and even installing them, you should reach out to a window expert or interior designer and get his or her advice.

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