7 Facts About Boarding Schools You Didn’t Know

Attending a boarding school doesn’t have to be all work and no play.  In fact, as boarding schools have evolved over time, they have become well-rounded academic institutions that celebrate cultural diversity, athletic ability, the arts and literature, as well as the rigorous studies needed to attend an elite college.

Here are some interesting facts about boarding schools you probably didn’t know that are sure to change your perception that all boarding schools are drab, boring, and strict institutions.

1. England is the Oldest

When it comes to boarding schools, England is home to the world’s oldest.  The King’s School in Canterbury, as it is known, was established in 1567 and still to this day provides students with a fully modernized education, complete with the latest technologies.

2. There Are 300 in the United States

You may not be aware, but the United States has 300 registered boarding schools.  In fact, there are 26 boarding schools in California alone.  This means that in any given school year, thousands of competitive and ambitious students are seeking academic success both in their boarding school and beyond when they attend university.

3. They Exceed Expectations

Because boarding schools are not public schools, they are subject to different standards when it comes to the curriculum they provide their students.  However, in true boarding school fashion, they exceed those minimum requirements placed on them nearly 100% of the time.

After all, boarding schools pride themselves on the diversity of academics they provide students and wouldn’t want to come up short.

4. There are Fun Athletics to Participate in

Sure, the basics such as baseball, basketball, and track are available at boarding schools.  However, there are also things like aquatics, badminton, equestrian activities, cross-fit, surfing, yoga, and all forms of dance made available to students on a regular basis.

5. International Students Are Welcome

Boarding schools do not close their doors to international students.  As an academic institution that prides itself in cultural diversity, it would be a mistake to do so.

Students from other countries want to attend American boarding schools to get a solid grasp on the English language, as well as benefit from the solid education most boarding schools offer students.  This may be some international students’ only chance of making it in a competitive world, especially in America.

6. The Teachers are Experts

Chances are your boarding school teacher is going to have an advanced degree in whatever subject it is they are teaching.  Because boarding schools have more control over their own school curriculum and staff, they are able to place stricter standards on those they hire to teach.

This means your student is going to receive an exceptional education from someone that is not only experienced in the subject they are teaching, but passionate as well.

7.  Class Sizes are Tiny

Some public schools in America have nearly 50 students per high school class on any given day.  This leaves very little room for any one-on-one attention.  In addition, it leads to more distractions and does not support differing levels of ability. This leaves some behind and some unchallenged. In many cases large class sizes can cause supply shortages.

With a boarding school, you can expect class sizes to be as small as 10-20 kids per class, which is incredible.  For those seeking closer interactions with their teachers, a boarding school provides just that.

So, there you have it.  Some fun, interesting, and quite convincing facts surrounding American boarding schools.  There are plenty of advantages to enrolling your child in a boarding school.  And, since there are so many affordable options, boarding school may be just what your child needs in order to succeed in life.

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