Is Someone You Love Battling Heart Problems?

Heart disease is still one of the top killers of adults in the United States. Does someone you love have problems with heart health? Perhaps that person is you. Some of the signs of bad heart health are obvious, but some are not.

Chest pains are not always the first sign of heart disease

Although chest pains are indicative of a problem near the heart, they are not the only indicator. A change in skin color can also be a prime symptom. If there is a blockage in the veins or arteries, sometimes toes will turn a darker color. Bluish toes can be a sign of a blood clot or of heart problems. Fluid buildup in the lungs can also cause coughing, which in turn, can be a sign of heart problems. Dark spots under the fingernails that refuse to go away are another sign of a circulation problem that can be tied back to the heart.

A bad outlook on life is not helpful for the heart

If you have a pessimistic outlook or are depressed, you are more in line for having heart problems. In and of itself, depression is not directly tied to heart disease. At the same time, depression and a correlating bad outlook on life do have negative effects on the heart. Another word to describe this is stress. Doctor Hans Seyle was awarded a Nobel Prize for revealing how stress interferes with our body’s ability to heal. If our bodies cannot replace the wear and tear of everyday use, then they will continue to wear out more quickly. For this reason, stress can be used as a tool to gauge the danger of heart disease.

Finding blood clots is a tell-tale sign of heart problems

If you have been to the doctor and they believe they have found blood clots, you will probably be asked to take blood thinners. This is to prevent more heart problems. A blood clot can block an artery or cause a stroke. If you are a person who cannot take blood thinners, the doctor may use IVC filters. This is a metal cage that is inserted into a patient’s vein. If the doctor can keep the IVC filter in place, it will be able to block blood clots from coming up from your legs and into your lungs. IVC stands for Inferior Vena Cava. This is a major vein that carries used blood back to the heart.

The overall solution to preventing heart disease

Two of the best ways you can help to prevent heart disease is to stay active and eat right. There is no substitute for a healthy diet. The things you get from a pharmacy are not going to give you nearly as much health as doing these two things. Learn to choose your food wisely to produce the needed changes in your body. Start a walking or jogging program. This will provide a hedge against blood clots, heart disease, and a host of other problems. The added benefit is that you or your loved one will also live longer.

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