How To Achieve A Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Target?

How To Achieve A Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Target

Let us have an overview of obesity before I tell you safe ways to lose weight. An article published in the National Athletic Trainers Association stated that fat mass can be divided into following types, essential fat for body, storage fat and gender or specific fat. A person who is looking thin may be obese but the one who is looking fatty may not be.

A special fat which you can find in different parts of the body is only 3%. This fat is on kidneys and on the tissues of central nervous system, liver, lungs and heart also. Other than this, gender fat, women will have gender specific fat which is located around pelvis area, breasts and hips. The total percentage of essential fats found in woman is around 12%. Storage fat is found in 12% in both men and women.

Safe Weight Loss

The idea which is a soul of every weight loss program is by burning more amounts of calories, then you are consuming. Even after understanding this simple theory, people struggle a lot to get rid of excess fat or weight from their bodies. There are many reasons responsible why people face such difficulties in losing weight. This is because in the very beginning of their fitness regime, they try to lose as much weight as they can and as fast as possible. This is a wrong technique, it cannot bring permanent results. Most of the time this doesn’t work because you end up losing water weight from your body. It is advised not to lose weight fast without consulting your qualified physician or dietician. Phenylpiracetam was invented in Russia, now it is famous world over.

How To Achieve A Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Target?

Seek advice from an expert and he will prescribe you low-calorie diet for overweight individuals.

Features of a Weight Loss Program

According to fitness experts the ideal weight control program revolves around exercise, diet and proper hydration of your body. Phenylpiracetam was invented in Russia and nowadays health experts are advising to consume it.


Among the three main components of weight loss program, exercise is also a significant feature which not only transforms your body, but it also gives strength to your muscles. If you are obese do 30 minutes exercise every day and follow this routine for five times a week to get good results. Combine aerobic exercises with strength training because strength training will also increase the bone density. By making a good exercise combination you can continue without getting bored.


As a general rule of thumb you are supposed to consume limited calories to lose fat or weight. Concentrate on eating healthy foods and avoid unhealthy food items. Consuming whole grain breads, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and olive oil is beneficial for your body.

Opt for a low glycaemic index diet to get rid of extra weight. Make sure not to eat white rice and white bread because it will increase your sugar levels. On the other hand, you can opt for fruits and vegetables. Low glycaemic index diet is also beneficial for diabetes and heart diseases. Consume honey on a regular basis because it is good to strengthen your immunity power.


Water is an important drink and you cannot think about a life without it. Stay away from consuming sugary drinks which will add excess calories from your calorie intake, but always consume good amount of water.

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