Why Choose Natural Bedding?

Some people are put off by the growing trend towards natural and organic products. After all, they think, such products are often more expensive and are they really so much better for you than synthetic products? Obviously, you have to be careful about false promises (not all ‘green’ products are equal) but with something like bedding, I would say that it really does pay to buy a high quality, natural option such as 100% cotton bed linen. After all, it is going to be close to your skin and poor quality synthetic fabrics can be an irritant which can get in the way of you getting a good night’s sleep. But what are the main benefit and drawbacks of natural beddings such as cotton, silk, bamboo or natural latex?

Why Choose Natural Bedding?


Natural and organic bedding is very easy to care for: after all, materials such as cotton and silk have been used for centuries, so they are a tried-and-tested choice for bedding. They can be washed and dried easily and often which is particularly important for people who suffer with allergies. You will also find that natural materials tend to withstand more frequent washing and will last longer than synthetic alternatives.

Another benefit of choosing natural bedding is that you will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. It has become more and more obvious in recent decades that the amounts of chemicals we are exposed to in the home can have a serious impact on our health, so we certainly don’t want to be sleeping on synthetic materials. Organic sheets and bedding are particularly important for vulnerable people such as children or those with chronic illnesses. You can further reduce your chemical exposure by choosing mattresses made from natural latex or plant-based foams which can help prevent harmful VOCs.

The environmental advantages of organic bedding are also much mooted – and for good reason. Synthetic textiles use non-renewable resources and furthermore pollute the environment during the production process. By choosing to go organic you will limit the amount of VOCs and toxins released into the ground, the atmosphere (and your own skin).

Finally, of course, organic bedding feels much nicer to the touch than its synthetic counterparts. Whether you choose silk, cotton, bamboo or natural latex you will get a much smoother, softer material to sleep on which should ultimately ensure you a better night’s sleep. Even if you choose a lower thread count to save money, your sheets will still feel much better than a synthetic product with a high thread count. Added to this, organic bedding has a natural breathability which means you will not wake up sticky and sweaty on a hot night.


Probably the most often-cited drawback of organic bedding is the higher than average price you will have to pay. Yes, it’s true that in the future organic products should become more affordable as their popularity increases, but for now they are still considered to be something of a ‘luxury’ item and producers will charge accordingly. This is not necessarily down to greed or the notion of paying for a ‘premium’ product: organic growers have to spend more on eco-friendly farming methods and certification processes and these are still not widely subsidised. On the other hand, of course, better quality sheets will last longer so it’s really up to you whether you want to pay the initial higher outlay for something that has better durability.

It’s possible that you may also find the availability of really natural bedding can be somewhat limited depending on where you are. It’s true that it can be difficult to find really eco-friendly products locally. However, here the Internet can be your friend; even more so as demand continues to increase globally for higher quality and more eco-friendly sheets. If you have a look online you will find plenty of stockists offering natural and organic bedding. Another bonus of being required to shop online is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and you can also compare prices to get the best possible deal – very useful for those of us who have to work to a strict budget but don’t want to have to compromise on quality.

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