6 Things To Consider Before Taking Your Case To Court

In recent years, many individuals and corporations have become “lawsuit-happy.” It would appear that there are lawsuits and reasons for litigation around nearly every corner. However, there are many situations that are simply not worth taking to court. Here are a few considerations you should make before calling a lawyer.

Cost of Litigation

It can be incredibly expensive to bring a case to court and you must consider the costs of solicitor’s fees, barrister’s fees and court fees. With all of the extra insight and technology going into a court case today, the cost for you can skyrocket. You are still able to represent yourself in court in the U.S.; however, it is inadvisable if you are under criminal investigation.

Long-term Time Commitment

Embarking on a litigation battle can be very time consuming for you. The court scheduling dates are always crowded and it can take months and years to resolve your case. Keep in mind, that it is not just your lawyers who will be doing all of the work; you may end up spending most of your free time on this case for many months on end.

No Guarantees

You may have an idea that your case is “water-tight,” but there is no sure thing when it comes to a court case. There is always a possibility of loss, or that the damages you are paid are less than anticipated. In many cases it can be more cost-effective to settle for less outside of court than to go into court and expend more money simply to try for a better settlement.

Changes in the Law

Modern law is an ever-evolving creature. There is no guarantee that the law you are fighting for, or against, will remain the same during your court proceeding. If your court dates are stretching out for many months and a law in relation to your litigation is changed, you may find yourself standing unfavorably on your court day.


If you need witnesses for your court case, it is advisable to secure them at the earliest possible date. Your lawyer will most likely want a statement from them as soon as possible, while details are the freshest in their minds. If the court case extends for a long period of time, try to keep in contact with your witnesses and keep them up to date on the proceedings.

Preserve Evidence

This is a task that will mostly fall to your lawyers, but you will want to offer as much evidence, print or photographic, as possible as well. With constantly evolving cities there is no guarantee the location of your traffic accident will look the same at the time of the court date. Be sure all evidence is carefully preserved by your lawyers so you will have proof when the day comes to stand in court.

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