5 Best Tools To Help You Transcribe Interviews

5 Best Tools To Help You Transcribe Interviews

In the world of advanced technology, transcription has become essential especially when it comes to interview transcription. The interview transcription includes a wide range such as education, business corporation, and many others. However, it is difficult to keep transcribing during an interview. You are not able to pay full attention to what the interviewee is saying or has to say. There come awkward pauses while you are busy typing. In order to get rid of these awkward pauses and attention issue, it is better to record an interview than transcribing it at the moment. Following are the five best tools that will help you to record interviews without any hurdle.

1 – Smartphone Voice Recorder

We are living in the digital world where everyone owns a smartphone even kids can use them, too. Well, my point is you can use smartphone recorder tool. The smartphones turn into a hand-held recording device and help you record calls. However, they are not very good at filtering ambient noise. For instance, if you are recording an interview at a café there will be an annoying voice of espresso machine in your recording. So, if you use this tool make sure to use it in a place which is free from ambient noise.

2 – External Microphone

If you take many personal interviews, it is better to use an external microphone. You can plug this tool into your phone’s headphone jack to improve the recording quality and filter out the background noises like the sound of the espresso machine. You can find this device online at affordable rates but make sure to buy the one which offers high-quality.

3 – Find A Transcriptionist

If you don’t want to use smartphone recorder or external microphone to record an interview, you can choose transcribing services who will provide quality transcription services. You can find expert transcriptionists online as well as check the student writing centre or library to get recommendations. Make a proper research and consider every option then choose the one that meets your requirements and suits your budget.

4 – Computer-generated Transcription

If you take lots of long interviews every now and then, transcribing can be very expensive for you. Instead, you can try computer-generated transcription, however, you need to be patient with the uncertain accuracy of it. There are a few options which you can consider like upload an audio file on YouTube and generate a transcription by clicking the box. It’s 100% free but make sure to convert it into a private file as you are uploading it only for transcription.

5 – Transcription Services

If you are not willing to consider any of the above ways, you can go for a company that offers great transcription services at cheaper rates. There are numerous companies which will help you to get your project (both small and larger) done. However, make sure that the company offers high-quality services and turnaround time/faster delivery. Also, ensure that there is no hidden fee and your data and files are secured.

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