Utilizing LED Edison Light Bulbs – Decorating your Home and the Benefits you will Reap

Unlike the modern light bulbs, Edison bulbs are being referred to as carbon filament bulbs, squirrel cage bulbs, antique filament bulbs and they have a loose filament which is more visible and which come coiled in several styles. This makes them perfect for displaying them without any shade. Due to the vintage effect and the look which dates back to the 1800s and these bulbs are ideal for adding an industrial chic along with the rustic style to the space where they’re installed.

Did you know that there are different ways in which you can use Edison bulb for lighting up your home decor? If you didn’t, here are few ways in which you can add a great look to your home.

#1: Use them as pendant lamps

Are you all set to decorate your home for some special event like a birthday party or an anniversary occasion? If answered yes, you can hang a series of simple, pendants (bare-bulbs) as they can brighten the dinner table and add a sense of interest to the room. You can switch between things by alternating between pear, glove, standard and tubular shaped bulbs.

#2: Use as a backdrop

How about adding a bold or bright backdrop by swapping such Edison bulbs on to a string and keep them hanging against the wall? This will not only give you an awesome environment for celebrating your special day but it can also serve as the perfect background for clicking pictures.

#3: Attach them to a vanity mirror

You can install incandescent Edison bulbs in front of your vanity mirror if you wish to add a vintage look. Such lamps have a colour rendering index of 100. Due to this fact, they are able to accurately produce the best colors which make them look perfect when used in front of vanity mirrors as such mirrors are able to display the best color of your makeup. For creating an even better retro look, you can use globe lights for a more authentic look.

#4: Design a chandelier

If you already have a chandelier at home, you can replace the conventional bulbs with such Edison bulbs or carbon filament bulbs so that you can transform it into an industrial piece which is pretty unusual. You can even design one with your own rustic materials.

#5: Keep them as centerpieces

Edison bulbs are so beautiful in their own way that they don’t require being switched on in order to create an amazing display. Even when these bulbs are switched off, they can be kept as a centerpiece as it has an extremely eye-catching appearance. You can choose from a wide array of different shapes like globe, tubular or pear-shaped to add interest to it.

So, regardless of whether you’re trying to look for a steampunk style to the already-existing lighting scheme or you’re planning to evoke a vintage look, Edison bulbs are simply a unique way of brightening up your interiors as well as your outdoors.

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