The Comprehensive Massage and Facial Services of Massage Envy

Are you aware of Aromatherapy that not only helps you lessen pain, reduce mental stress but offers a heavenly pleasure which can be well experienced once you undertake the therapy session in Massage Envy Spa, the most up to date massage and facial therapy providers based in Scottsdale, the US. You can avail Massage spa’s wonderful massage service sessions in its more than 1000 spas spread in 49 states and located in all major cities and towns throughout USA.

Feel the Magnificence of Aroma Therapy

The specialist therapists of the spa nourishes your body with exclusive blends of essential oils gathered from flowers, herbs and fruits during aromatherapy that enhance well-being and reenergizes your spirit. It offers four fantastic categories of Aromatherapy sessions includes

  • Lavender Garden: Reduces irritation and swelling of tissues, cools your stressed mind and helps having a relaxing sleep
  • Mint & Rosemary:  cheer up your physique and soul by enhancing blood circulation together with wondering aroma;
  • Anxiety Release therapy: Eases your nervous system, irritability of mental state and eliminates anxiety;
  • Aches and Pains therapy:  The therapeutic massage procedure props up blood circulation significantly; helps lessen tissue pain and heals muscle aching wonderfully.

Choose the Right Massage for You

  • Swedish Massage

Great option especially for people undergoing a massage session for the first time. Therapists employ light to average pressure. Excellently de-stresses your mental strain, enhances blood circulation as well as lymph movements and takes care of chronic pains.

  • Trigger Point Therapy

Identifies muscle points that gain isolated pressure; split and release them. Helps control chronic stress and pain due to injuries. Also, Loosen the tighten muscle tissues resulting in aching across parts of the body.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

Undergoing a deep tissue massage in a spa point of  Massage Envy is a lifetime experience. Deep and relatively higher pressure given on specific organs helps you minimize muscle tension, relax deep paining tissues, loosen rigid muscles and stretch them. To deal with chronic and acute injury pains, Deep tissue massage works like magic.

  • Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is especially designed for pregnant women up to their certain months of pregnancy. Whereas back pain, sleep disorders, headache or fatigue are commonly experienced by would-be mothers, the magnificent techniques of prenatal massage procedures can provide extreme pleasure through lessening such complications.

  • Reflexology

Reflexology is basically a restorative process that offers immense relaxation by lessening physical and mental stress and anxiety respectively. The procedure works great in order to relieve your ankle and toe pain, common types of arthritis, joint and arch pain.

  • Geriatric Massage

Geriatric massage is exclusive choice for elderly people that can help improve physical balance and flexibility. This increases the blood circulation and energizes your muscles and tissues, reduces stress, anxiety and pain and enhances join movements.

  • Great Anti-Ageing Facials

Having facials session in Massage Envy Spa can be a different experience for one who steps here for the first time. One major part of facials that common beauty parlor and spa people ignore is kneading of your hands, neck, arms, upper chest aside from facial zone. Try once at the professional ambiance of this massive spa group to feel how relaxing is each moments of your facial session which you’ve probably missed.

In Massage Envy all facials embrace cleansing, toning, steaming and then comes potential extractions, management, massage apart from masking and moisturizing. And, remember the facials done at Massage Spa are exclusively by experts who are, in essence, skin specialists.


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