What Are The 6 Pros Of Buying Pre- Fabricated Flats?

A pre-fabricated or modular home is built off-site, in a factory, and assembled finally at the place where the house is to be made. These homes are the latest trend in Europe & US. A very high percentage of the new homes being built in Europe are modular homes, whereas in US this trend is catching up fast. The modular homes have certain inherent advantages over the on-site built homes and that’s why the trend is shifting towards these homes.

  1. Save up to 20% in Costs

The modular homes are built in factories and on a large scale. Computer Aided Designing is done by the Engineering Department in the factory to give better precision. Since the economies of scale come into play and also the precision factor involved in every process, the cost automatically comes down as compared to an individual on-site construction.

  1. Time Saving for the Prospective Buyer

Since the pre-fabricated homes are made inside factories, the completion of the house takes lesser time than in case of the same thing being built on-site. The on-site construction of the flat normally gets delayed because of the weather and climatic conditions whereas in case of modular houses being made inside close factory environs, there are no such problems and hence faster completion of homes. A pre-fabricated home can be completed within weeks as compared to months taken for completion of an on-site constructed house.

  1. Modular Homes are More Durable

The technique and the systems involved in the planning and fabrication of a modular home gives it an edge over the traditionally constructed homes. These factors make granny flats more enduring during the worse weather conditions. It has been observed and documented by Emergency Management Agencies that even after a hurricane the modular homes were found to have suffered lesser damage than their on-site built counterparts and the more stability of superior granny flats – Granny flat Constructions came probably because of the use of the technology of module-to-module combination.

  1. Minimal Damage to Environment

The modular homes being built in close environs of a factory with the strict supervision of the highly qualified staff and workers and the factories being run under strict local and municipal regulations, the creation of a modular home causes much less damage to the environment. Another reason for the same is that the work done on-site is very minimal and hence the surroundings of the modular house are damaged much lesser in comparison to the creation of a full-fledged house on-site.

  1. Modular Homes are Greener

Since the modular homes come fully pre-planned and pre-fabricated, every minute detail can be worked out even before the start of the fabrication of the parts of the house and hence green options and energy efficiency can be incorporated from day one.

  1. A Range of Creative Designing is Available

With the advancement of technology and know-how in the fabrication of modular homes, there is an array of designs and amenities that can be created in pre-fabricated home giving un-limited choices to a buyer.

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