With No Meters, Cars Have A Free Run Without Meters

For suburbanites going via autorickshaws in the city it is a day by day experience as they are compelled to shell out excessive charges as requested by the drivers. With no fitting meter framework set up for the city, auto drivers exploit the circumstances and wool the travelers.

While a few suburbanites in Chennai revel in the benefit of paying by the meter after the administration actualized a toll structure for the state’s capital a year ago, the same has not been stretched out to Madurai leaving the workers helpless before the drivers. Furthermore, because of the non-presence of a meter framework, inhabitants are left stranded as they are not ready to air their grievances anyplace.

“The separation between Anna Nagar Junction and Gomathypuram is scarcely around two km, yet I need to pay Rs 70 for an autorickshaw to take my mother to the specialist,” says Mohana Ruben of Gomathypuram. Consistently, he shells out about Rs 300 on auto toll alone to drive between these two spots as he need to take his mother twice a week to the specialist.

With no meters, cars have a free run without meters

“The passage here is charged in products of 10, though in Bangalore the base toll begins at Rs 25,” says Sheila, an attendant.

K Shanmugam, a product fashioner says that an autorickshaw driver requested Rs 150 from Tallakulam to Mattuthavani, which is a separation of around three km. “My ticket from Madurai to Bangalore cost me Rs 610 and here an auto driver was requesting quarter of that passage for a much shorter venture.

I needed to contend with him after which, he consented to settle for Rs 100 which is additionally high,” he said.

Yet, of late call taxis are mushrooming in the city which might over the long haul give the automobiles some firm rivalry and may even compel the drivers to pass by a fitting passage framework. “When the ring taxi framework picks like in the metros, the auto drivers would be left with no decision however to bring down their charges,” says T Jerald of Ponmeni.

A call taxi from Ponmeni to Madurai Kamaraj University (a separation of around 10 km) costs Rs 280 while an autorickshaw requests some place between Rs 380 and 400, he includes.

Ladies travelers feel that autorickshaws are not sheltered to travel particularly amid the nights. They likewise say that drivers have a tendency to request more if a solitary lady needs to contract an auto. Seema, a working lady says that an auto driver requested Rs 120 for an excursion from K Nagar to Pudur which is a separation of only two km.

“It was sprinkling and I knew I was being conned, however did not know where to go to cabin an objection,” she says.

In any case, as per the shopper rights insurance consortium, the hazard might be abridged and that endeavors are constantly taken in this respect. S Tamilarasan, president of the consortium says, “Individuals think they can’t stop an objection about the high auto passages because of absence of confirmation.

Be that as it may if a worker follows along someone else and contends his case with the auto drivers if the last request extreme toll, then a testimony might be recorded by one of the travelers refering to his/her vicinity and appropriately activity could be launched.”

Manikandan, a driver says that there is no difference between the tolls gathered by offer cars and conventional automobiles. “An offer auto conveys around six travelers and gathers a normal Rs 60 for three km separation and we gather the same from individual travelers. It is dependent upon the traveler to choose in which auto he or she needs to travel,” he says.

At the point when reached, Madurai North RTO N Ravichandran said that the meter decide that is as a result now applies just to Chennai. “We have not gotten this request for our area, yet are anticipating the same. When we get the request a panel with the area gatherer as administrator and city police chief, director of police and Rtos would be constituted.

This board would thusly hold discourses with the stakeholders, auto drivers and the general population and fix the rates.”

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