Planning To Buy New Air Conditioner? Get To Know LG Dual Inverter Technology

Planning To Buy New Air Conditioner? Get To Know LG Dual Inverter Technology

The hot summer season is right around the corner so that everyone wishes to purchase the brand new air conditioner. Nowadays, air conditioner plays a major role in every residential and commercial building. AC keeps the space cool and makes you enjoy the scorching summer.

Are you planning to purchase a new air conditioner? Well, you can prefer the innovative and highly advanced inverter air conditioner from LG. Before purchasing LG inverter air conditioner, you have to know about the LG dual inverter technology.

Planning To Buy New Air Conditioner? Get To Know LG Dual Inverter Technology

Here, we have mentioned everything that you need to know about LG dual inverter technology, which is accessed in the LG inverter air conditioner.

Things you have to know about LG Dual Inverter Technology

With ever-growing innovation and creativity in the technology, LG took a step ahead to upgrade air conditioner from the inverter technology to the dual inverter technology. This new technology communes much lesser power when compared to the conventional air conditioner.

The dual inverter technology is called as Dual Cool technology. From the house of LG, you will access a wide range of air conditioner that has the revolutionary inverter AC price list. This new technology comes along with the unique and special dual inverter compressor, which makes AC cool faster, run quieter, and last longer.

How does LG dual Inverter Technology Work?

LG dual inverter AC has a varied speed dual rotary motor along with the larger rotational frequency. This makes sure quick cooling and more energy efficiency. As a result, it provides maximum reduction in the noise levels. Therefore, you will never get disturbed by AC noise at night.

As it adjusts the compressor speed constantly to maintain desired temperature level, you will save both power and electricity bills. Additionally, LG’s stabilizer free technology will not only assist the user to save money invest on stabilizer but also improves the room aesthetics. To stay competitive in the market, the company offers a 10-year warranty on the AC compressor.

Get to know the benefits of LG dual cool Technology

Greatest user comfort –The dual inverter compressor speed is frequently varied and adjusted in order to maintain the desired temperature along with minimum fluctuation.

Quick cooling –The performance and speed of the compressor are much quicker and more powerful than ever. This lets the AC cool faster as compared to conventional ones.

Reduced operating costs – The dual inverter technology reduce energy loss and therefore keep the energy efficiency level high. Thus, it offers the most economical air conditioning.

Low noise – Since the air conditioner has a skew fan and dual inverter compressor, it makes AC operate at low sound levels so that it minimizes noise.

4-step energy saving feature –Cooling a home can be definitely expensive, especially during the summer months. LG dual inverter air conditioner eliminates these costs and helps you save energy by using its active energy control. This energy efficiency lessens power consumption up to 40-80% of usual usage and then saves energy up to 57%.

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