Five Health Benefits of a Relaxation Massage

Who does not find it pleasant to occasionally undergo a relaxation massage? Everyone who receives a regular massage will confirm that it gives a feeling of well-being. But how is it actually that a massage works so relaxing? Read more about how a massage can help you go through life in a relaxed and healthy way!

1. Massage reduces stress

Through the touch during a massage all kinds of hormones are produced. This ensures that oxytocin is produced; this hormone is also called the ‘cuddle hormone’. It gives you a secure feeling. In addition, serotonin is also produced, this ‘happiness hormone’ is the counterpart of the stress hormone cortisol. When more serotonin is released by massage, the cortisol content decreases. You feel relaxed and satisfied because of this.

2. Massage lowers blood pressure

The hormones that are released during a relaxation massage therefore have a big influence on how you feel. You become calmer; You notice this because you start breathing more deeply and quietly. Because you do not have to make physical or mental efforts, your heart rate also drops. This then helps to lower your blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure and often feel nervous and stressed, then the massage riverview fl can have a positive effect on this.

3. Massage loosens tense muscles

Stress can manifest itself in your body in all sorts of ways; in the form of fatigue , lethargy , bad mood, etc. In addition, stress can also cause tense muscles. You may unconsciously cramp your shoulder, neck and / or back muscles. Not only can your muscles feel painful, it can also lead to tension headaches. Massage stimulates blood circulation and ensures that accumulated waste products in the body, including in the muscles, are better removed from the body.

4. Massage strengthens the immune system

A Dr. Mark Rapaport on the effects of Swedish massages at the Medical Center in Los Angeles in the United States shows that an increase in the number of lymphocytes was observed in people who underwent Swedish massages. This is a type of white blood cell that attacks harmful external influences, making you less likely to get sick and get a stronger immune system. By regularly undergoing a massage you can not only relax better, but you are also more resistant to diseases.

5. Better in contact with yourself through massage

How often do you hear people say: ‘I run by myself’. For many people life is like a continuous marathon in which it passes by its own boundaries. If you do not listen to the signals your body gives, this can eventually lead to serious health problems, such as depression or burn-out. Massage helps you to get in better contact with yourself and to become more aware of your own body. That way you’ll get through faster when you’re about to go over your own limits!

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