Amazon Training – An Example Of Micro Small Business Coaching

Amazon Training – An Example Of Micro Small Business Coaching

Amazon UK is aiming to help small and medium size businesses -SME’s- utilising Amazon Marketplace to increase exports. Last year exports peaked at £2.3 billion and to continue this trend they are offering short term training programmes which educate store owners so that they know exactly what they need to do.

This is an example of micro small business coaching, and as Peter Smith of Thames Valley Business Advisors, a leading small business mentor, strategic planning and modelling specialist appreciates, micro coaching is beneficial.

He uses the term micro coaching for the Amazon training because the dictionary defines this as being extremely small by comparison. It may well transpire that the micro coaching they’re offering results in substantial improvements for participants, but the trainers will only be focused on exports. The small business coaching is aimed at a specific target and limited, hence micro.

Small business coaches like Peter take a broader approach. They work with SME’s over weeks, months and years on all aspects of business from recruitment of the best talent to improving the bottom line. This form of small business coaching looks at the big picture and fills in the pieces to complete it.

This is not to say that micro small business coaching is a bad prospect; Amazon is a clear leader in e-commerce and few business people with access to their free training programme are likely to decline the knowledge that their tutors deliver. It’s an excellent opportunity. However, it must be remembered that this training does not consider any other integral business operation areas so whilst micro coaching is viable for businesses with specific problems and goals, for a more thorough coaching experience small business mentors are going to achieve more with and for their clients. Both options utilise the skills and experience of experts in their field.

It is essential to get the best coaching option for your operation. As an established small business mentor, Peter Smith is confident working with clients and when a query arises that he needs more specific or in-depth knowledge for, he happily seeks dedicated specialist advice to help to achieve his clients wishes.

He offers a range of services that Amazon cannot, their micro small business coaching for exports improvements is limited and so can’t be expected to deliver a complete solution. One key area that weakens their training promise is the lack of support after the training programme has been completed. A small business coach is available and easily accessible for however long they’re required, to answer any questions and steer their clients towards greater success.

Peter Smith is keen to work with SME’s in the Thames Valley area and welcomes contact from any business leader who believes that small business coaching will benefit their organisation. He can increase business levels by 20% in one year and aids issue resolution. Testimonials can be found at

Please contact him via the website, Skype or telephone to take a positive step towards prosperity.

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