Learning On Values Education

There are different strategies in learning. There are vast numbers of technology that may help in learning strategies. There are different structures, set of curriculum in learning’s. But the question is “Do we Love to Learn?” Some will say YES but others NO and few will say MAYBE. Others will say YES, we love it because it will mold us to become more human, it will help us earn respect, it will bring us success and prestige. Some will say NO because we just push ourselves for future reference for job search. And few will say MAYBE because they haven’t yet realize how important is to learn.

Learning and love go together so that knowledge you gain will be more effective and productive. Learning by heart and mind is the best way in knowing.

When we heard values education, sometimes we think of two things involved. But actually they go together. Educating student about values was a very difficult task for teachers. Learning values doesn’t stop only in memorizing; it must be planted in learner’s heart. It should be practice everyday. For teachers and professors, they are not only training students on their cognitive aspect but also with the affective aspect. They form the heart of every student.

We always notice that teachers, professors felt difficult in teaching this subject. Why? It is because the values they taught can’t find any examples in books, publications, news or any printed materials. They must act as good examples to their students, that as values teachers or professors they should be a good model on morals and values to their students.

Almost 80% of students will say values education subject was boring. They take this subject not interesting and unchallengeable. They felt sleepy when this subject comes. Many of them doesn’t understand what the teacher is talking about due to one reason, they wasn’t able to observe this behavior with their own families. For them this subject is fully religious. Talking of nonsense and topics are too obsolete. For them, they want to know the latest and most interesting topics. They don’t want to learn about histories on people who are modeled by faith, morals and values.

VALUES Stands for: V – Vineyard A – Acceptance L – Love U – Understanding E – Experience S – Sharing. Teaching values education is the same as taking care of a garden. For teachers, professors, they took care the garden of hearts of students. They watered it with good lessons on values, morals and faith as they themselves are the first model. In learning values you should learn to Accept yourself and others, you must Learn to Love even to the unlovable, you must learn to Understand yourself and others behavior, you must learn to Value your Experience whether joy of pain. And Share you experience in acceptance, love and understanding. In this way you will slowly learning how to value yourself deeper than before.

Thus, learning on values education is difficult when forming both cognitive and affective aspect. But it will form students more develop and grown up in their levels of interaction in their social life.

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