Green and Spacious Parks Of Alicante

Alicante is the capital of the province with the same name on the Mediterranean coast in Spain. It is the largest city of the popular beach holiday zone – the Costa Blanca, where there is an international airport. Most of the inhabitants of the city are working in spheres of services and tourism. Entertainment places in Alicante are, first of all, parks. For example, Canalejas Park, El Palmeral Park, Lo Morant Park, Juan Pablo II Park and La Ereta Park, which are unique green areas within the city. There, it is nice to take a walk, sit with a book or to visit a small cafe for a pleasant conversation. Parks of Alicante attract locals and tourists who want to relax in peace and quiet. With the help of car rental in Alicante Airport, you can drive from one park to another in an unhurried manner.

After the reconstruction of tramways in the city center, the trees will be planted on the clear territories and, quite possibly, there would be new parks. In the future, in the area, where the Renfe station is now located, will be the largest square of Alicante. Another major project is the increase of the Plaza de Espana by two times. If you are planning a holiday in Alicante, don’t forget to have a rest in these cozy parks of the city.

Canalejas Park

Green and Spacious Parks Of Alicante

If you stroll along the main promenade of the city – Esplanade of Spain, you will certainly stumble upon this small and cozy park. It is located along the sea, near the bustling streets and boulevards of Alicante. The park was named after the Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Canalejas, who died in 1910.

Here, there are many hundred-year-old trees of enormous size, the trunks of which are shored up by special pillars. Thanks to these branchy giants, almost the whole territory of the park is embowered in trees. As it is close to the sea, the park a great place to relax and read. In two places in the park, you can find decorative fountains and the sculptures of lions and dogs, from the stone, at the entrance to the park. Other interesting places in the park are monument to writer Carlos Arniches, who was born in Alicante, and a huge map of Spain.

Canalejas Park allows you to feel the contrast between crazy city life and a measured existence. It resembles an artificially created botanical garden, as it is very well maintained. Here, there are benches for rest, sweets and other delicacies are sold.

Alleys are located along the Alicante seafront. Tourists are coming here to practice meditation in the shade of huge trees and to make colorful pictures. The atmosphere in the park is fascinating, giving you a feeling that you’ve got into the world of a children’s fairy tale. Evenings, backlights are shining in the park, turning the giant trees into fairy wood giants. For holidaymakers, this is the reason to come to the park at least twice, because in such an atmosphere you can make amazing commemorative photos.

Canalejas Park is a good place to wait out the heat under the fig trees on the benches and at the same time to admire the sea, the pier, decorative fountains and sculptures. The park also has a children’s playground and training equipment.

El Palmeral Park

Green and Spacious Parks Of Alicante

El Palmeral is located on the beach, at the northern entrance to Alicante city, where hundreds of palms, cacti, flowers, shrubs and other local plants are growing. It is the most beautiful park in Alicante and a wonderful place for a picnic.

The park is divided into 2 areas- the first is a play area and the second is a walking area. In the game part of the park, there are flowerbeds and playgrounds, places for picnics and games. Here you can play petanque, chess and ludo. The whole park could be viewed on a bicycle, when you are using a special bike path. In the walking area, there are waterfalls, ponds and a lake with cascades of water, which could be reached by boat, rent on the shore. You can go boating on catamarans, sports boats and rowing boats.

In the park, you can have nice picnic with the whole family, sitting on special green lawns for several hours. Here, there is a rest area for everyone. At the entrance to the park, there are various kiosks and small tents, where a variety of souvenirs and gifts are sold.

The summer area of ​​El Palmeral Park was opened in October 1997. It was made mainly for the families with children. The summer park is in the promenade, where an open stage, known as the “Family Theater” is situated. Every day there are contests and different cultural events for children. Amateur troupes from all over the province of Alicante are demonstrating various children’s, entertainment, puppet and musical performances.

Performances from September to May are held on Sundays at 12.30; from June 1 to August 31- every Sunday at 12.30 and 20.00. The entrance is free for all concerts and performances.

Lo Morant Park

It is the largest park in the city, located in the northern part of the capital, next to the districts of La Virgen del Remedio, Virgen del Carmen and close to the Central Hospital. Here you can see pine groves, recreation areas, snack bars, a small lake and sports grounds. This park is characterized by a large perfectly flat terrain with lush vegetation. It is suitable for family walks. Various events for the residents and guests of the city are organized here.

The park is divided into recreation areas, where various cultural objects are located. In the sports area, you can play petanque, bowling and go roller-skating at special platforms. In addition, here you can play free board games such as chess and checkers.

A characteristic feature of the park is the location of the municipal public library halls on its territory, as well as the amphitheater, where various cultural and festive events are held. There is also a children’s playground called “Chain of adventures”, where various play areas with the most famous children’s characters are created. Throughout the park, several cafeterias and restaurants with a variety of cuisine are located, which offer the most delicious dishes of the Alicante province. The park is working in winter from 8 to 22, in the summer- from 8 to 24.00

Plaza de Espana

Green and Spacious Parks Of Alicante

It was built in the first half of the 20th century on the site of a former pier. It was assembled from 6 000 000 cubes, forming a wavy mosaic of red, black and white colors. In addition, there are four rows of palm trees, each 500 meter long. This area is symbolic both for the Alikantians, and for the tourists visiting the city. It was restored and renovated in the 90’s, and is still considered one of the iconic places of the city. Before the Civil War in Spain, this recreational area was called the Martyrs Avenue.

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