Kiddy Portugal: TOP 5 Hotels To Protect Fresh Air and Sport Activities For Kids

You are offered to touch the atmosphere of exciting and healthy rest that you can find on the rocky hills, cozy islands of Portugal. You should let your kids to enjoy the beauty of nature with you. The best variant is choosing the right hotel, comfortable for family vacation. The members of your family can get high class service, oriented for adult and young public.

The hotels to stay with kids in Portugal are characterized with democracy and keeping family traditions. Thus, your kids will be surrounded by care and attention of experienced personnel of the family hotel. It is very important to find a good hotel to meet demands of your kids, relatives and your best half.

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Tivoli Victoria Hotel, 5 stars

The hotel differs with high service. If you came with kids, personal attendant is in your disposal. The rooms are elegant to meet demands of big and small visitors. The rooms organized in soft flowered decorations with chocolate and white colors. Tivoli Victoria is situated few minutes walking from the golf fields. The resort hotel is situated 15 minutes driving from the popular Falesia beach.

Martinhal Beach Resort & Hotel, 5stars

The hotel is situated at the golden beach in the middle of the picturesque park that is washed by the clear water of Atlantic Ocean. This modern complex looks harmonious in the landscape it surrounded by. Besides, the infrastructure, and service are perfect. The hotel offers to all guests different kinds of suits: comfortable cottages, design suits, elegant villas with big swimming-pools. Martinhal Beach Resort is considered to be the best resort that is predicted to be beach resort hotel. This hotel is located in the West Coast of the country, in the picturesque province close to Faro. The city is called Sagres – amazing historical city.

There is a big choice of different attractions for young visitors: face art, hunting for treasures, T-shirts prints, culinary group. There is also a popular mini-club Raposinhos for kids. The world Raposinhos means little fox to make kids active and smart. There are many toys, puzzles, table games in the club.

The Creche – for kids 6-23 months

Kids Club – for kids 2-4 years

Fox Club – for kids 5-8 years

... and the most important thing: have fun!

Cascade Resort Hotel, 5 stars

The elegant hotel architecture perfectly suits to surrounded nature and landscape to show the rich and interesting historical heritage. The hotel is situated not far from the historical city Lagos. The bright emotions, impressions and unforgettable vacation will impress you. You want to come back soon to have it one more time. The comfortable suits and high service let you relax and get some anti-stress therapy in form of SPA, massage, Pilates, fitness center. What about kids? You can leave your kids with experienced teachers of the local kids’ club.

The kids are usually involved in:


Kids’ Club

Activity room


Nurse (for demand)

Mini-club Caskiddy

At that time, when parents are relaxed, your kids are busy with experienced specialists and activity organizers. Caskiddy offers wide range of opportunities for young visitors to make their rest interesting and informative. It is not just dull activities for fun, but exciting and informative games on different topics. Your kids meet local culture, scientific games, nature, sport and many other hobbies and activities.

Sheraton Algarve Hotel, 5 stars

The place where the hotel is situated is unique. First of all, the South part of Portugal is always hospitable for young visitors. The hotel resort is placed in the most beautiful territory on the top of a hill. The view to Algarve provinces and Atlantic Ocean is exciting! It takes you about 7 kilometers driving from Albufeira and 32 kilometers driving from Faro.

This comfortable hotel is perfect for family vacation. There is a big city of attractions on the hotel territory – Porto Pirata with swimming-pools, trampoline, mini-golf, playground. The older kids can be involved into Junior Club activities: volleyball, basketball, football, paintball, table tennis, culinary master classes and many other interesting attractions.

Mini Golf, 153/365

Porto Pirata Children’s Village (6month-8 years)

This is a playground that is made in form of 2 big pirate ships on the real size. They go down to the Atlantic Ocean from the highest mountain in Algarve. The view is amazing!

Junior Club

The kids in the age of 6-12 years adore Junior Club. The training activities are special for kids. You may try mini golf, football, water sports, darts and other things. There are special week programs for different activities. The program includes holidays and summer months. There is always an opportunity to play tennis, basketball and other sports. The most of sport activities are implemented into life all together with parents. There are many special moment that you will remember!

Residence A Barcella, 5 stars

The touristic complex Residence A Barcella is situated in the North part of the country. It is very important to have opportunity to travel with kids even if you have to go in business or close to the historical cities of Portugal. You may hire a car in Porto airport and drive to your place. The hotel is comfortable situated 8 minutes driving from the beach. It is very important for kids! Of course, this is not a beauty and soft climate of Algarve, but exciting leisure for the whole family.

The guests are traditionally welcomed to use free Wi-Fi, swimming-pool, fitness center. The hotel complex is equipped with lift, luxury apartments, studio suits, climate control, terraces, huge balconies and exciting mountain view. The mini-kitchen is equipped with all necessary accessories, like teapot, fridge, microwave, stove, washing machine. The complex is situated 900 meters far from the city harbor with yachts and boats.

Nynashamn small boat harbor

There is a big garden in the hotel territory. It is full of unique plants: dragon tree, cactuses, vineries. You may go diving, kayaking, cycling. You know, fishing is very popular activity here, as popular as golf, tennis and windsurfing. The hotel is popular of its tea time and fish dishes. There are no special clubs for kids, but there are family suits that are comfortable for family vacation.

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