How Often You Should Wash Your Linen

Your bed is your safe haven. Bad day or good day, it doesn’t judge you: it’s just there to comfort, and when necessary console. Your bed is an integral part of proper sleep hygiene for optimal health, but it can’t do it’s job if it’s downright dirty.

How Often You Should Wash Your Linen

Here’s the dirt on your bed sheets…

People produce 26 gallons of sweat a year, and a lot of accumulates in your sheets, creating the perfect breeding ground for for fungi – fungi that can result in respiratory problems and allergies. Combine this with food debris, spit, skin cells, and various bodily excretions, and you’ve got a veritable banquet of bacteria.

Yeah, it’s pretty revolting.

One of the best ways to clean your sleeping space is to simply wash your bed linen, and wash it regularly.

How often do you need to wash your sheets?

Some people have to admitted to washing a mere three times a year. That’s 49 times too little. If you’re sleeping in your bed almost every night, you need to be washing your sheets every week.

This can seem like a massive pain – especially if you have kids and need to take their linen into account too – but bare in mind that this isn’t the 18th century, and while you may have to lug your sheets to the laundry room – or in even a laundromat – at least you don’t have to break out the lye and washboard and actually wash your sheets yourself.

Also bear in mind that the allergens born and bred in your sheets can affect everyone – not just people prone to allergies. They don’t discriminate, and clogged sinuses and compromised breathing are consequences for all to endure.

Quality and Quantity

So, wash your sheets weekly, and while you’re at it, buy quality sheets that can withstand frequent washing. Those cheapo rags may have squeaked by when you only washed them a few times a year, but now you know better. Spare yourself serious time and money. Buy good sheets or you’ll be replacing the shoddy ones more frequently than you washed your sheets before.

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