Modifying the Technological Aspects with Bendable Screen Prototypes

Expressing thoughts mostly require an interface. Be it a painting or any piece of art, proper interfacing makes the outcome look pleasant and brings out the real essence attached to them.  Interfaces can be of varied kinds and amongst them the display is the one, using which the user interacts with the machine. The displays, depending upon their sizes, provide the informative base of any computerized venture.  The world of display technology has seen several advancements over a period of time. There was a phase when the cathode ray oscilloscope was considered as the most advanced version of a screen while today the LEDs and the crystal based displays have come up making the life considerably fast.  This growth has still not been checked and with the introduction of flexible displays the scientists have conquered a new fleet of the wandering technology. These include the bendable structures whose size and shape can be user modulated. Many manufacturers have started to make arrangements for creating similar prototypes after engulfing the technical basics completely.


                           Introduction of bendable displays in windows phones

Technical Specifications Involved

The founding stone to creating this technology on a larger scale happens to be the basic concepts of electrophoresis and other electron based wetting systems. These processes have to be applied on specially grafted electronic papers depending upon the company producing it:

  • ‘Hp e-paper’- this paper based technology has been devised by the inquisitive group of scientist from Arizona and uses the concepts of imprint lithography which is of self aligned form. These screens are being developed by the frequent skip layering of metal sheets and semiconducting materials. They are prone to deformation when brought in close contact with heated environment. The specialization includes high flexibility and strong, unbreakable structure. They have gained popularity due to their properly aligned structures.
  • ‘AOU e-paper’- these are solar powered sheets with a special chamber for using a rechargeable battery. These substrates have power storage capacity which in turn keeps the device active for longer periods of time. Prototypes using this scheme of construction have moderate reflections and high contrast. They also have 16 gray levels associated with their visual functioning.
  • ‘LG e-paper’- these paper based substrates provide diagonal displays and a viewable aspect ratio. These are virtually unbreakable.
  • ‘OLED’- these display components has been developed quite late and research is going on for making it more productive for usage.

            OLED screens

  • ‘ASU’-HVGA and TFT based technologies are used here with a special mention to the 16 inch display.
  • Samsung also features the AMOLED based technology which is also an unbreakable variety and includes special contrast features as well.


  1. Nokia- features the kinetic model for setting up bendable devices. The procedural basics remain the same and they provide the customer flexibility to bend and squeeze the surface according to the requirements. This squeezing bends the semi conductive materials inside and a small current is passed through the interior.
  2. Samsung uses the AMOLED based model which in turn is curvature specific.
  3. OLED screens have been resorted to by several manufacturers as this will change the existing dimensions of the viewing the television. The angles on bending bring clarity and present a specific form of panoramic viewing.


It can be thus concluded that the introduction of these bendable structures and prototypes have made the visual experience alluring and pleasant by closing in the gaps between the mythical world and the real entities.


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