Some Horrifying Facts On Pest Controls

Pest is quite a critical problem. Some of us tend to ignore it at first until it becomes very hard to control. Although we think, a small cockroach and a tiny termite can be killed quickly, some of them have lost their sleep just because of the pest attacks. Some of us had to shift the house just because we could not control the pests in the house. Yes! Often we tend to ignore small numbers of pests in our house, which slowly and gradually grows in numbers and numbers until they make our life in the house, a living hell. The only solution is hiring some Pest Control specialist.

There are some pest related facts all around the world that will make you realise how sensitive pest issues are. It will give you a realisation that Pest control is not a simple issue. If you ignore it today, you are likely to face trouble in the near future.  Some of the amazing facts related to Pests are:

  1. It is believed that quality of life is ensured by three different things:  Better Sanitation Access, Better Medical Support and Vaccination, and Proper and timely Pest Control.
  2. Each year more than 45,000 people get bitten by Rats. The rats transmit several diseases like Salmonella, Rat bite fever, Trichinosis, Leptospirosis, and Plague.
  3. Alone in Australia, there are more than 2 million people who are allergic to insects.
  4. Every year more or less 50,000 people visit the hospital with the case related to Pest. This might be the case of insect bite, allergy, or rat bite and many others.
  5. Every year more or less 100 people die due to the pests bite or stings. There are several deaths due to these pests that are unregistered.
  6. If Pest Control were banned for a year in the world, more than 50% of the present crop harvest could be ruined.
  7. In a survey performed in Australia, 93% of people reacted highly on finding insects in their home while 100% reacted on finding bugs in their food.

So, these are some of the fascinating but horrifying facts on Pests. Next time you see small insects in your house, or even if you see four or five cockroaches in your house, make sure that you call the Pest Control Gold Coast team. If you do an early treatment regarding the pest problem, you will be able to have a sound sleep. Do you really want to sleep in such a room where bed bugs will bite you in your bed, and you meet black spider in your toilet? Whoa! That is so horrifying and disturbing. To protect you and your family from this horror, hire the pest control expert. 

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