Due To The Popularity Of Hot Prints You Can Find It All Over

If you thought that hot printing is all about black and white then you must know all about HotPrints. The prints on the dress you wear are mostly hot stamped and the types of it can be varied as well. You can have various designs imprinted on different types of materials which may have different shapes, sizes and color as well. The prints are used more and more by various industries producing various items to make their product look beautiful as the entire process is dry method of printing which uses colored foils instead of colored ink which make the images distinct, clear and less messy.

The Main Components

The main components of hot stamping are an anvil which is made of hard rubber. There is also a foil roll leaf which is the substitute for ink for other traditional printers. There is also a wide variety of substrates with varied surface tension is also necessary for hot stamping. Above all, there is a die which is made up of different materials and can be pre-heated to transfer the color of the foil to the substrate.

Due To The Popularity Of Hot Prints You Can Find It All Over

Advantages Of It

There are many advantages of HotPrints as the process is very easy to set up and there are no chemicals, paints or ink involved. As there is no use of chemicals, there is also no need for mixing it according the specifications and proportions which is a tedious task by itself. There is also no need for any cleaning up after wards. Different kind of materials can be printed by hot prints apart from plastics which include leather, paper products, fabrics, pre-painted metals and even coated wood products. The process does not take much time and immediately after hot stamping the products can be readied for packaging and handling.

Benefits Of Hologram Foil Usage

You may know that foil is used for transferring the image from the die to the product with the color in the foil and there are specific benefits of using hologram foils. You can get different colors apart from just gold and silver. The imprints have a better color quality and resolution to create a strong and distinguishable visual appeal. Apart from it, the hologram imprint is not only difficult to replicate but is also not possible to remove from the product. Therefore, it is safe for security products like credit and security cards. Above all, hologram hot stamping is cost effective and time saving as well.

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