5 Common Football Betting Mistakes To Avoid

5 Common Football Betting Mistakes To Avoid

Ah, football, the game is the most loved sport on the planet and the crowds in the sports arena during a match is its proof. More than 200 countries in the world are crazy about football. Everyone has dreamt one day to take a header by jumping as high as Cristiano Ronaldo, or to dribble past defenders as if they didn’t exist like the little magician, Lionel Messi.

Football betting is as popular a sport as football viewing, and many people throughout the world bet millions of dollars every game week to see if their choice is right. There are many popular football betting sites that will let you place your bets on the team you think is stronger. And while this is very thrilling and fun, making silly mistakes can cost you a lot of money.

So, when you bet on a football match, here are 5 things to remember:

1.You don’t have to bet every time: If there is a third tier match between two teams you haven’t heard about, stay out of it. You won’t lose any money if you don’t bet anything. Don’t get overconfident and bet on teams or players you have no ideas existed. Make safer, reliable bets.

2.Find a good site: There are hundreds of football betting sites throughout the world, but only a few who actually do what they advertise. Many sites are just a scam or a hoax to rob people of their hard earned money. So before you click the pay button to place your bet, find out if the site you are on is actually a genuine site.

3.Don’t let love blind you: Suppose you support Crystal Palace, who got qualified for Champions League. Their first match is against Bayern Munich. Understand that even though you love your team, there is a 99.5% chance that Bayern will romp home with a big margin. Don’t let your faithfulness drive you into making bets that don’t make sense. One person did win a lot of money when Leicester became Champions, but that is a one off occurrence.

4.Keep recent form in check: On one hand, before you place a bet, notice how the teams are faring up till that point. A team which is losing away matches a lot will most likely not win their next match. On the other hand, a team on a 10 game unbeaten streak will try their best to maintain that streak. The form of the team is a big factor in determining which bet is safer.

5.Take smaller risks: It is Real Madrid v Barcelona, the clash of the two Spanish powerhouses, where anyone could win. In a game such as these, do not put in a big sum on a single team just because your gut says so. Make two different bets on both teams, so that even if you face a loss, it will be a small one. Even if you are faithful to one team, don’t let the bet get too large to handle.

Football is, was and will always be the most loved sport throughout the globe, so before making any bets, you should take proper care of the aforementioned points for an enjoyable experience. Also, any losses should be handled with a sporting spirit.

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