Popular Outdoor Physical Activities in New Zealand

New Zealanders are avid fans of rugby and other more extreme forms of sports. Some innovative kiwis, inspired by the native Maori culture have come up with forms of sports that could get our blood pumping. When visiting New Zealand, we could participate in the so called adventure sports. There are many adventure sports available for us in the country and some of them could only be found in the country. New Zealand is a unique archipelagic nation with boiling mud fields, torrid rivers, giant glaciers and snow-covered mountains. There’s a long list of adventure sports in the country that we can participate in, including standard sky-diving, bungee jumping, heli-skiing and others.

There are many places that we can visit in New Zealand, such as Queenstown. It is located at the south island of the country. Areas around Queenstown have turned into a kind of playground and it should be idea to check the nearby snow fields. There slopes could become interesting skiing arena for many people. This should be ideal for any thrill seeker. Queenstown is also known for various water sports, especially in areas around Lake Wakatipu. We could perform jet boating around this lake near the soaring cliffs and rocky outcrops. The nearby Kawarau River is also known as an area for white water rafting.

River surfing is one of the extreme sports activities in New Zealand. However, it isn’t for the faint hearted. We will be tossed into the Kawarau River. We will use nothing more than body board and wetsuit. After enduring a few kilometres of turbulent downstream current, we will be picked up. During summer, the most appropriate outdoor sports in New Zealand include mountain bike riding. We could enjoy the impressive surroundings, reminding us about the world of Middle Earth. Paragliding is also very popular in New Zealand and it is also a good way for us to enjoy the impressive scenery.

For novices, there are companies that provide jump lessons, especially for people who are serious about getting thrilling experiences. There are winding mountainous road that we can explore easily. We should look for easy ways up to the mountain, so we could get amazing views on the scenery along the way. We could choose different kinds of extreme sports activities, such as giant swing, bungee jumping and skydiving. Often, locations of these activities are quite close with one another. Added with the incredible scenery, New Zealand is really an impressive holiday destination for many people.

Another place that we should visit is Rotorua and it is an important hub for any adventure sports enthusiasts. It is a place known for its geothermal ferocity. Zorbing was first played in Rotorua. In this kind of activity, people enter a big plastic bubble. They will bounce and roll unguided down the slope, zigzagging through different tracks. Shweeb is another physical activity that we can enjoy in Rotorua. We will be on pedal-powered pods overhead the monorail. We will be able to freely swing from a track until up to 45km/hour.

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