Keeping a Sense of Honesty in Churches

There is an increase in the amount of abuse and inappropriate behavior coming from the leaders of churches all across the country. Of course, the Catholic Church has been in the news lately regarding many of the priests being accused of inappropriate behavior. Each one is facing individual charges along with the Catholic Church having a marred reputation with many people. There are ways that churches and church attendees can protect themselves from becoming victims and not need the services of a Catholic priest sex abuse lawyer.

Keeping the Church Honest and People Trusting

  • It should be a standard rule for any church to not allow an adult to be alone with a child at any time. Two adults should be present in the room when a child is being taught or watched.
  • Each classroom door should have windows. A window allows security and parents to observe what is taking place in the classroom. If the window is covered up, there should be an investigation into the reason why it was covered.
  • Men should never be alone with a girl of any age. This principle also applies to girls being alone with boys of any age.
  • Background checks should be a regular part of the screening process for any person seeking to serve in a children’s ministry. A background check opens the door of a person’s past. If there are any suspicious marks on the report, the person should not be allowed to be around children.
  • Men should not be allowed to serve in the nursery of any church. There is always some child that will need to have their diaper changed. It is acceptable for a woman to take care of these issues. But if a man changes a diaper of a child that is not his, questions can arise as to the person’s intentions.

It does not take much for a person to be accused of wrongdoing or inappropriate behavior. Church leaders and attendees have to be on constant watch to make sure they are not put into a situation that could raise questions or accusations against them. If you are a person that has been accused or a priest in need of a lawyer, then call a Catholic priest sex abuse lawyer today. Do not wait until it is too late to take the right action to defend yourself in a court of law.

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