Types Of Road Studs

Types Of Road Studs

Road safety equipment is designed to prevent any kind of hindrance or obstruction. It includes several products such as solar blinkers, speed breakers, warning lights, delineators, permanent markers and road studs. These products are designed to offer quality performance and high levels of safety. Road studs, in particular, are important to traffic security at night. These road safety tools can be permanent or temporary, but both need exceptional adhesion to the road surface and high levels of long term retro-reflectivity.

Temporary Road Studs

Traditionally utilized in work zones, temporary road studs are installed with a two-part bitumen or epoxy and placed 1.5 m – 24 m apart. Since these road studs are only temporary, they can be removed with ease and with little to no damage to the surface when the work area has to be changed.

Permanent Road Studs

There are two kinds of permanent road studs. These are recessed and snow-ploughable raised studs. Recessed reflective road studs are mounted in grooves cut by a custom-made cutting head. The grooves are about 2.1 m long for 2-way markers and 1.2 m long for 1-way markers. A two-part epoxy is used to install the studs. Recessed reflective road studs sit in the groove’s low point, around 1.6 centimeters below the road surface.

Snow-ploughable raised studs, on the other hand, have prisms that are placed in metal castings designed to protect prisms from snowplough damage and car traffic. These are installed in a cut created by a drop saw with 51-centimeter radius blades surrounding 46- centimeter radius blades. A two-part epoxy is used to install the castings.

Types Of Road Studs

Solar Road Studs

Solar road studs are made for high level visibility to ensure road safety. When electricity isn’t available and other lighting systems are expensive, these studs can provide the road security everyone is looking for. These studs provide lighting on the road where there’s no available source of light. Since solar road studs are automatic, they don’t need maintenance throughout the year making them a cost effective road safety solution.

Solar road studs can offer long distance illumination, so highway accidents can be reduced to great levels. These studs work on electronics optic and solar panel and are unbreakable and waterproof. Complete visibility on roads, highway or streets with poor lighting conditions is maintained through these studs.

Surface Mounted Road studs

These road studs don’t need any cavity to be driven in the road surface. Thus, installing these studs is easier since any drilling or milling equipment isn’t needed. Surface mounted road studs are usually made of plastic and attached directly into the surface with the use of hot melt bituminous materials.

Active Road Studs

Active road studs use LEDs to produce light. Internal batteries that are charged during the day by solar cells power the LEDs. These studs don’t depend on car headlights as the source of light to be reflected back to you. The LEDs turn on automatically when the night comes. Active road studs are more expensive than other types of studs and are used in areas with higher accident risks and poor visibility.

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