How To Score Well In Quantitative Aptitude Section Of SBI PO 2018?

How To Score Well In Quantitative Aptitude Section Of SBI PO 2018?

State Bank of India holds probationary officer exam every year and this year also this exam is scheduled from 1st July to 8th July 2018.

SBI PO Preliminary exam is a challenging exam as it has more than 15 lacs candidates applying for the post. In this exam Quantitative Aptitude section is one of the complex sections which need proper preparation. Most of the times students ignore the practice of this section as it has lot of complex calculations. Practice makes a man perfect is the right approach to prepare this section. One needs to have a focus on the practice of Quantitative section of SBI PO exam. It should be prepared by making a strong study strategy covering the entire syllabus of SBI PO exam. If you make a good strategy then it will help you cover the syllabus in 2 months time.

How To Score Well In Quantitative Aptitude Section Of SBI PO 2018?

In order to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO one must know the syllabus by visiting the official website of SBI.

Then shortlist the main chapters form the syllabus covering 40-50% of the question paper. These topics are :

  1. Number Series (5 questions)
  2. Simplification (5 questions)
  3. Data Interpretation (5-10 questions)
  4. Quadratic Equation (0-5 questions)

Now make the strategy to prepare these topics as follows:

Some candidates join BANK COACHING IN DEHRADUN and some do it self practice, but strategy is a must. Let us discuss the effective strategy to study topic – wise.


This topic needs lot of practice. This chapter includes more than 20 per cent of the QA section. The concepts used in this topic are easy as it involves quick mental calculations. These can only be mastered if they are practiced at length. Practice aggressively the questions based on BODMAS Rule, Approximations, Square & Cubes, Surds & Indices, Decimals, and Percentages.

2.Number Series:

It is an easy topic and questions are easily solved if you make the right approach. It also needs lot of practice to master the various approaches. Try to solve at least 300 questions of Number Series with different patterns. It will boost your confidence and you will gain speed and accuracy in the times to come.

3.Data Interpretation:

This topic needs daily exercise therefore make a study plan so that you practice one set on various topics related to Tables, Pie Chart, Line Graph, Bar Graph and Miscellaneous DI questions. There are some questions in DI which involves less calculations thus it helps in scoring high. Other topics like Percentages, Averages, and Ratios needs more practice as it involves complex calculations with formulae. Practice some questions on Missing Data type DI, triangular charts, etc., which are generally asked in the examinations.

4.Quadratic Equations:

Questions based on this topic are easy and can be solved fast with accuracy. Practice aggressively with as much as 100 questions in one sitting. Never leave this topic in case you are doing selective study.

Besides these four topics there are other topics where we can expect more than 6 questions in total. Topics are:

  1. Average
  2. Percentages
  3. Profit & Loss
  4. Interest
  5. Ratio & Proportion

Develop a basic knowledge of the above said topics. These are based on the concepts and standard formulae. Take proper practice of these topics and gain speed and accuracy which is the only key to success.

    Now let us list some tricky topics to prepare these are:

  1. Permutations & Combinations
  2. Probability
  3. Time, Speed & Distance (including Boat & Stream)
  4. Algebra
  5. Time & Work (including Pipes & Cisterns
  6. Mensuration & Geometry
  7. Mixtures & Alligations

These topics cover more than 7 questions in the question paper and they are tricky ones. It needs lot of practice with basic formulae to be learned.  Understand them thoroughly before you take a practice test. Give more time to these topics while preparing for SBI PO exam preparation.

In case you are planning for a selective study then you can take these topics which are asked in less number such as Data Sufficiency.

This is the ideal topic – wise strategy that one should make to prepare for SBI PO prelims 2018 exam to score well in QA Section.

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