Is GIS Your Career Calling?

Geographic information science and technology (GIS) services are growing at a rapid pace. The increase in the use of cloud computing, along with advances in cloud storage security, are making GIS services more available to a wide variety of industries. It all started with GPS becoming popular in everything from satellite phones to cars, and now it has expanded to include industries that might fit in with your future career plans.

Health Care

The latest advances in technology have helped to make health care more accessible in many different ways. When you learn about GIS services at places such as the University of Southern California, you can start to appreciate just how valuable geotracking can be to health care professionals. It can become much easier to find people in distress in the field when there are high-powered GPS services at work. Advanced GIS services can also help track the delivery of critical materials such as transplant organs to help surgeons be prepared when those materials arrive.

Law Enforcement

The need to keep track of dangerous criminals has put a huge strain on the law enforcement resources at every level of government. The Department of Homeland Security is constantly tracing the whereabouts of dangerous international criminals in ongoing attempts to keep the country safe. With GIS technology, tracking people becomes much easier. Local law enforcement can also use GIS to make sure that parolees do not leave town and that house arrests are better enforced.


One of the fields where GIS technology can become revolutionary is in logistics. Today, delivery and shipping companies use various networks of technology to track shipments and determine if shipments will be delivered on time. With GIS, the accuracy of deliveries can be confirmed, and any vehicle making a delivery can be tracked in real-time. If a vehicle breaks down, GIS technology will make it possible to get repair crews out quickly and dispatch those crews exactly where they are needed.


Time is money in the construction industry, and being able to give exact delivery times for materials and equipment can put a lot more profit on the bottom line. Using GIS technology also allows construction companies to track equipment and vehicles to determine if all vehicles are following routes that conserve gas and reduce wear and tear. There are many areas where GIS can help the construction industry, and it will take GIS experts to create the systems that will be used in the future.

If you are looking for a career field of study, the consider GIS technology. The marriage of GPS and cloud-based computing is going to revolutionize the working world, and it will also offer hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs. Many major universities are starting to offer comprehensive GIS degree programs that will give you the education you need to get started in this growing field. If you have always wanted to become part of a career field that has the promise to be something significant and important, then you need to get started with GIS technology today.

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