Why Dental X-Rays Are Important

The dentists always try to provide the best treatments to their clients but just by visual examination, you will not be able to get a proper view of the entire mouth. Dental X-Rays help in proper diagnosis of all the dental problems and helps in treating them in the best way possible. So, in case after a proper dental X-ray if the dentist is not able to find any cavity or any other tooth problems then you can be rest assured then your tooth is in proper condition.

The dental health of one person is different from that of another person and a dentist will evaluate the needs in the best possible way after checking the dental report of a person. If you are a new patient, then there are a whole series of X-Rays that need to be done in order to exactly understand the oral health of an individual. However, if you are an old patient then only certain tests that are required to improve your oral health will be required.

There are two processes which are involved in the X-Ray procedure and given below is a list of those two steps:

  • The first thing that a dentist does before getting a dental X-Ray, is covering the patient with a lead apron, in order to ensure that the body of the patient is protected against radiation. Then there will be a small plastic which will be put inside your mouth and you have bite down that plastic.
  • Then the technician will take pictures of the infected area and this process is a painless process. The technician will keep on taking pictures until he or she has been able to get a proper picture of the affected area.

The most common X-rays that are used are the periapical, the bitewing and the panoramic radiographs. During the time of routine tests, the scientists around two to four bitewing X-rays which will help you to get a proper picture of the different crown portions of the teeth and will also check for any early signs of decay in the teeth. This type of X-ray also helps in getting a proper look of the height of the bones of the teeth along with the view of the root tips. The panoramic X-Ray is normally taken from outside the mouth and they are able to get an image of the entire oral cavity on the X-Ray. This X-Ray is able to identify cysts, tumors, jaw disorders and other bone irregularities.

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