Exploring Your Budget-Friendly Travel Options

Exploring Your Budget-Friendly Travel Options

There is a reason why a growing number of individuals, couples and families are choosing to enjoy “staycations” as opposed to setting off on a trip abroad: it’s just too expensive. But while hotels and airfare may have increased in cost, other types of travel are still available to those who may be on a tighter budget or who simply want to embark on a brand new type of adventure. Today we are going to explore three different travel options so you can begin to think about which type of affordable style of travel may work best for you and your party.

Exploring Your Budget-Friendly Travel Options

The Tent

The least expensive travel option is to stay in a tent at a campsite. “Roughing it” may not be the ideal vacation for some, but there is no denying that sleeping out under the stars (even if you are in a tent with the fly removed) is a wonderful experience. With the right sleeping bag and mattress, those who are sleepin g in a tent can enjoy a comfortable night’s rest.

Camping in a tent does still come with fuel expenses (although the vehicle being used is likely better on fuel economy than a campervan) but campers are able to prepare their own meals. Those who plan on camping in a tent, however, must thoroughly plan and prepare for their adventure. It only takes one forgotten item to possibly ruin an entire meal (such as running out of propane).

The Motel

Many people who are travelling abroad choose a motel because it is convenient. After a long day of travel, most people look forward to taking a hot shower in a private bathroom (most motel rooms have en suite baths) and they want to lay down in a comfortable bed.

The motels which you will find across New Zealand will vary slightly in the amenities which they offer and the quality of materials which they use in their rooms. Typically a motel will cost less than a hotel and may not offer all of the comforts you would otherwise expect, such as a hair dryer or a coffee and tea maker. Instead, travellers typically need to bring their own, venture out for a coffee, or there may be free coffee available in the lobby of the motel.

The Campervan

A campervan rental in New Zealand is becoming the ideal way for families to travel. Not only is it generally more budget-friendly than a motel, but the larger the party which is travelling with you, the greater the savings.

The primary concern which those travelling by campervan have is the cost of fuel. While fuel costs do continue to increase each year, what cannot be denied is the amount of money which can be saved by preparing and cooking your own meals. Campervan rentals come with cooking and food prep facilities, saving travellers significantly in meal costs. Almost all campervans come with a hot shower (some even come with a bath!) and they are outfitted with comfortable beds, pull out beds and sofas for lounging.

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