5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Not Successful

5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaign Is Not Successful

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways for getting great conversions to your website. But, if not done and analyzed in a proper way there are chances of losing great lead conversions.

Here are the following 5 important reasons which explain why your email marketing is not successful as expected.

  1. Buying lists and ignoring the organic way of generating leads

Most of the marketers go after buying the email list for their email campaign. This is not a good practice as the email list might contain the list of ids which might not fall under your targeted audience. Your email will not be opened by many people and even if they open they might just ignore it.

               Always try to get your leads in a more organic way and perform your email campaign on only those leads. Since they are your potential leads you can increase your click through rates, which in turn will increase your website conversions.

Following are few ways to increase your email list in a more organic way:

  1. Attractive landing pages.
  2. Offering product for free in exchange of an email id.
  3. Adding subscription box at the end of each blog post on your website.

     2. Not segmenting your email list

Most of the marketers wonder why their open rates and click through rates are very low, even if they have sent emails to many people.

One of the main reason is that they do not segment their list properly. Your email list should always be segmented in various ways like country, company, title, age, country etc.

  1. Not setting expectations for your email subscribers

Whenever a person subscribes to your email list send them an introductory email setting expectations on what exactly they can expect from the email subscription.  Expectations can refer to frequency of emails and type of content.

  1. Concentrating only on open rates

Most of the marketers concentrate only on the open rates of email and not on the click through rates. They misunderstand that if their open rate is more then their email marketing is a huge success, which is not the case.

The success of your email marketing should mostly be calculated based on the click-through rates. Because all the people who opened an email may not necessarily click on the link in the email and may go back out of it.

There are many email marketing tools which can help you with the complete information of your email campaigns like click rates, bounce rates and unsubscribe rate.

  1. Boring content in the email

Content is the connecting point between your brand and the reader. If your content is very boring and does not provide any useful information to your reader then you will be left with more unsubscribe.

The content you send should be very interesting and add value to your reader. Content can be in the form of interesting images, videos and infographics.

It is not easy to follow few of the points discussed above. But if done with more concentration and dedication, your email marketing can become a huge success.

Authors Bio: Krishna is a passionate blogger who writes primarily on SEO, Social Media, CRM, Marketing Automation and covers the entire gamut of Marketing. When he is not writing he is found reading articles and blogs written by others.

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