Essentials Of A Great Headshot and Tips To Get A Great One!

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Headshots are just like resumes or business cards of actors and their best marketing tool. Hence it’s essential that they are just perfect. A headshot is everything for an actor as it helps him get an entry into the acting world and thus it’s inevitable that they make an impact on the one who sees it.

To get that eye-catchy perfect headshot, below are some essentials.

  1. The focus should only be on the subject of the photograph and his or her expressions. So one must avoid funky clothing, jewelry, hairstyle or anything else that distracts the focus from the actor. The picture shouldn’t have distracting backgrounds and should not have shadows and must be technically correct.
  2. The picture should look natural and real yet flattering, but should not look fake in anyway.
  3. Make sure the headshot focuses on your eyes and personality and must express something unique about you so it catches the casting director’s eyes. Find someone professional who can guide you and bring out the best in you.
  4. You can’t get a good picture unless you look relaxed in the pictures. It is natural to be overwhelmed to do everything in a tight schedule, so look for someone who can make you feel comfortable so you look and feel your best in your photos.
  5. For a headshot to be great it should be able to connect with the viewers. To achieve such pictures you need to have the expertise of an experience headshot photographer.
  6. The pictures need to look professional, so avoid using too much light or distracting background in the pictures to let them know how professional and focused you are.
  7. Finally, you need a headshot photographer London for a good shot.

What are the five essentials you should keep in mind to get a great headshot?

  1. Choose someone you’re comfortable with else your pictures won’t make sense. Even the most successful photographer can’t do much for you unless you are comfortable.
  2. While a generic headshot is essential. Plan other headshots you want such as Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Parent etc. Choose roles only that suit you.
  3. Have the right make-up and hairstyle. Let them know how you want to look so they don’t make you look like something you don’t want to. Be you and show your real look!
  4. Create your own space in the studio by playing your favorite music or may be have someone accompany you so that you stay positive throughout the shoot. Make sure you have enough time for everything and you don’t need to rush your photo session due to lack of time.
  5. Show the actor in you when you are being photographed. Think of various fun thoughts that you can represent in the pictures.

Since you know the essentials of great headshot and what you can do to make it great, plan you photo shoot well in advance and make use of these tips to get the headshot you want!

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