Pregnancy planning and a check list to have a healthy pregnancy

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The moment you are planning a pregnancy you need to consider a pregnancy checklist and consult your doctor so that you do have a healthy pregnancy. A lot of women pick up pregnancy pain medicine without even knowing what is right or wrong. As a mother, you would want to provide the best in terms of the environment to your kids. Even for the pain medicine while pregnant you would need to have a planning phase sorted out.

The various steps of pregnancy planning

  • As part of the pregnancy planning, you would need to visit a doctor to check out whether you consider yourself ok in terms of pregnancy. The main objective would be to check weakness in your body so that no form of hindrance occurs in the development of the foetus. If you have any issues like low sperm count, or any issue with pregnancy your doctor is going to inform you about it. At the same time, the doctor would check if you are suffering from genetic diseases
  • A visit to the dentist is suggested so that you have a glowing pair of teeth
  • Any sexual relations have to be maintained when a woman is most fertile. In this regard prepare an ovulation chart or a menstrual chart. Once your monthly cycle is over the ovulation period starts. It is suggested that conception is the best time. otherwise, you may have to opt for fertility tests
  • This does appear to be an important aspect of pregnancy. A woman who is planning to consume should opt for iron and multivitamin supplements along with folic acid. With folic acid, any defects are removed and it does help in the development of the brain and skull of the baby. In addition, calcium needs to be part of your daily diet. For the strong bone formation of the baby, calcium is necessary. It is suggested that you should consume fresh green vegetables and fruits. Do keep away from junk food or meat
  • If the parents are healthy and physically fit they would give birth to healthy babies. The others might give birth to babies as well. A proper weight is necessary if you happen to be underweight or overweight. A daily exercise chart has to be there and keep away from any addiction so that both the mother along with the baby is healthy
  • In case if you work in an environment that is risky then does consider a break of work. If the situation warrants it would be better to switch your job as well. Do not consume any unwanted herbal or medicines as they could have a drastic impact on your pregnancy
  • The finances need to be planned so that you do not feel the pinch of pregnancy at the end. All options have to be considered and have some money stored for emergencies. Do have a proper insurance plan in place as that has to top your list.
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