Uses For Bottled Gas At Home

There are a number of different reasons why you may need to order gas bottles for home use. While many people know that different types of gases are used in businesses, and in areas such as the medical field, some people don’t realise that gas bottles can also be used at home. In fact, a number of people may use gas for their heating, plus there are a number of other things that gas can be used for. Here are some of the uses you might have for bottled gas at home.

Uses For Bottled Gas At Home

Indoor Heat

One of the most common uses for bottled gas at home is to heat your home. Using one of these heaters is often more cost-effective than using an electric heater, and if you have a second gas bottle on hand, you don’t have to worry about being out of heat. You simply switch bottles, and continue to remain warm while you wait for a replacement for the empty one.

These heaters do range from small heaters, designed for a room, to larger devices that can heat barns or large garages. While radiant heaters are often used in houses, many people use blow heaters to heat their barns or garages. These heaters can be very useful if you’ve converted your garage into a workspace, but haven’t installed heating.

Outdoor Heat

In addition to heating the interior of your home, you can also heat your patio, hot tub area, or any other outdoor space, by using a patio heater. These tall devices look similar to a lamppost, but instead of being designed to light up an area, they put off heat. If you’re having a party outdoors and the day turns a little chilly, simply turn on one of these heaters. They have a good range, so you won’t all be huddled around it, plus they look stylish. Some also put out a good amount of light, too, so you can use one as an outdoor lantern.


While heating is a common use for gas, it can also be used for a number of other tasks. One such task is welding. If you weld metal as a hobby, or for work, you may need to know a good gas supplier in Brisbane that provides argon mixtures. These mixtures are designed to weld aluminium and various types of steel. Argon comes in a number of different sized bottles and mixtures. For some welding equipment, you may need pure argon, while for other projects, you may need a mixture of argon and helium.


If you’re having a party and want to decorate with balloons, you might want to buy a small bottle of helium. Helium does have a number of other uses, too. For example, it’s ideal for finding leaks, plus it has a number of other commercial uses.

While most people will use bottled gas for heat, it’s always good to know where you can purchase gas for welding, or for special occasions such as parties. A good gas supplier will have these options on hand.

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