5 Tips For Choosing A Good Hosting Service

5 Tips For Choosing A Good Hosting Service

In this article we will look at five key points to choosing a good hosting. Today there are many different hosting companies, web hosting plans. So the fact of choosing the best hosting plan for our needs will not be easy.

Each hosting company has its own characteristics and every hosting plan too, so that we can find a lot of information to analyze too large. With the following points will help you make the decision that hosting company and plan is best for your website.

1. Choose the Platform

The first step in choosing a hosting package is the platform on which the server is running. The correct choice of platform is determined by the technology used to create the web site to be charged. Generally Microsoft technologies like ASP are generally housed in Windows servers, while other open source technologies like PHP code is usually charged on Linux servers.

2. Checking Features

Once the platform on which our website we begin to study the different features we can offer different hosting plans you can find on the market for the platform that we have determined will stay.

Check the different features usually not a simple task because of the large number of features that may have hosting plans, so this step is the step in which more time will need to invest to get a good hosting package.

3. Check the Cost

This is usually the main factor that we usually set. Clearly it is a determining factor in choosing the hosting package, but in some cases choosing a slightly cheaper hosting we can provide less chance for our website. It is important to not only look at the price of the hosting package, but for packages similar prices, we must look at the features that we provide so we can assess what we will get for our money.

4. Support and Customer Service

One of the most important aspects of any hosting package is the customer and technical support offered by the company hosting the service. Have different methods of contact with your hosting company as live chat, email and ticket support is very important to resolve any questions or problems to us. Another important factor is the schedule offered by the hosting company to contact them today most offer technical support 24 hours 7 days a week, which may help you resolve any queries is the time and day whatever.

5. Uninterrupted Activity

Uptime or uninterrupted uptime is the time that elapses without system stop being active. Servers cannot be always active, and that at certain times must be restarted to apply security updates or install new software, so no company will be able to offer a guaranteed uptime of 100%. However, it is important that the hosting plan has guaranteed 99% uptime, since servers do not guarantee that this percentage may have downtime they leave our website without service.

It is also important information that covers uptime guarantee on your hosting plan, you claim to know if server crashes that violate the guaranteed uptime.

Following these 5 steps, we can get properly choose the best hosting package for our website, but the selection process can take us a while, is one of the most important factors for the success of our website.

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