Dianabol is the most used and regular on the block kind of pill for professional body builders and athletes alike. It is found in so many forms such as injectables, pills etc. The popular being the pill.It is used to increase the muscles and strength. It is to get those huge muscles and bulk up really fast. Users increase their dosage as they go along in the cycle. Dbol half-life is only 3 to 6 hours.

Working of the dianabol pill

The main function of the steroid is to bind itself to the androgen receptor and allow for faster protein synthesis and thus resulting in faster muscle growth and more strength is gained. The consumption can see a gain of 2kg per week which is a lot compared to other steroids gain analysis. There is also a tremendous increase in strength and retaining of all the muscle pumps done in the workout sessions.

This steroid also offers a sense of well being in the feelings of the consumer and this euphoric attitude prevails during the whole intake cycle of dianabol steroid.

Popularity of dianabol

This one of the cheaper steroids found in the market and easily available. The reason it’s more popular is that a person can buy a whole stock for a four week cycle at a go as it’s cheaper to other steroids in the market.

Since it is found both in injectable and capsule forms, people who are happy to take pills find it easier than injecting oneself every time. It’s very easy to procure and and now websites to sell making it easily available.

A beginner could begin with a dosage above 10mg per day for 4 weeks cycle and gain a good weight of 8kg and lot of strength along with it which actually helps professional weight lifters. There isn’t a prescribed dosage for everybody but persons consuming this steroid should not exceed 50mg per day. Dbol half-life is only 3 to 6 hours.

It is seen that people who are new to the cycle of steroids are getting benefits with 20mg per day but who have been taking these steroids for long can go from 40mg to 50mg along with other supplements in their stack to achieve maximum results.

Side effects of dianabol

The main side effects which have been put in reviews of the drug and found by medical professionals are anger issues, acne, high blood pressure, loss of hair and toxic effects on the liver. The water retention causes gynecomastia in men because of the lowering of the testosterone in the body.

The lipid profile too will change as the good cholesterol is also destroyed in the process. There would be increase in the blood pressure levels. Since breakdown is in the liver, this steroids causes the release of many toxins that will effect the liver.

Why a pill is better

The injectables can be tampered with and may not be as effective and it cannot be noticed until you are injected and feel the difference in the effect. Though both pill and injectables have the same effect or potency. The pill tampering can be seen and you will know it while encasing it.

It is better to check out authentic reviews that give the clear idea where to buy the good stuff or you will end up buying something way to expensive and not the real thing. This needs a good research and getting references from regular users and who frequent gyms as they may have a fair idea of getting the the dianabol pill that you need for your supplementation in the bodybuilding process.

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